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Roberta May
16-11-06, 01:40
I found the listing of (I think) my Grandfather but I'm very confused. Hope someone can help me.
The birth records says:
Johan kustaa's birth in Lapua July 20, 1873
20.7.1873|20,7,1893||a Saarenpaa|Inhyses Johan Eriksson Fransila|h:Maria|Johan Gusta (with a sm.circle over the 'a' before the work Saarenpaa and double dots over the last 2 'aa'.
I don't understand whre the 'Fransila' comes from if the last name was Kulju.
Also could someone tell me if 'Kirkonkylan' is a parish, village, or town or what? Any help would be most appreciated.
Best regards.

16-11-06, 06:25
Hi Roberta,
Is this the record of birth you are referring to? On Hiski?

20.7.1873 20.7.1873 å Saarenpää Inhyses Johan Eriksson Fransila h:ru Maria Johan Gustaf

Also, this site may help you with typing the Finnish letters.



16-11-06, 06:29
Hi Roberta,
Maybe this will help you connect the name Kulju.



Roberta May
16-11-06, 06:40
Hi Denise
Yes, that's the sentence I was talking about Can you explain it to me. Thanks for the other info too.

16-11-06, 07:41
Originally posted by Roberta May
...could someone tell me if 'Kirkonkylan' is a parish, village, or town or what? ... Roberta

"Kirkonkylän" is the genetive of Kirkonkylä, ie the church village, usually the main village in the parish.

Regarding the surname Frantsila and Kulju we must remember that surnames weren't often in use the same way we use them today. Depending on where you lived you were entered in the church books with the farm name in question. Later movements perhaps lead to the Kulju farm?? The same person can thus be found with several different "surnames" during his/her lifetime.

The "inhyses" would indicate that the person was a lodger at the Frantsila farm.

16-11-06, 17:39

I think this guy would be worth e-mailing to:
Chairman of Seinäjoki area Finnish-American Society.:
Heikki Kulju
email: dante(a)japo.fi
replace (a) with *
Seinäjoki is located only about 30 miles from Lapua, it is the local commercial center and the chairman is likely to speak English.

Roberta May
16-11-06, 20:15
Thanks so much Merja. I will certainly e-mail him and hope he can help me.

Roberta May
17-11-06, 19:45
Hi again Merja
I tried e-mailing the gentleman that you mentioned but the mail wouldn't go through. Said there was no matches. Would you possibly have another one? The address I used was dante*japo:fi.

Roberta May
17-11-06, 19:53
Merja: I found my mistake. Instead of 'a' in the address it is '*'. My e-mail went through just fine.
Thanks again. Roberta

17-11-06, 20:03
Note that the commercial at -character doesn't show on Finlander. This since we don't want to encourage email address harvesting from this forum.

The (at) character will always be replaced with an asterisk (*)!

In the message above

email: dante(a)japo.fi
replace (a) with the commercial at character!!


Roberta May
17-11-06, 22:43
Thanks Hasse. It took me a while but I did figure that out. It's good to know that if I hadn't I could have learned this from you.