View Full Version : A Qujestion of Mild Swedish Epithets

18-11-06, 21:41
When my mother sometimes encountered a particularly frustrating event, or say, smacked her thumb with a hammer, she'd say something that sounded like "Use sss elet." Does anyone have an idea of what this meant?

When I was a child I'd ask her what that meant and she'd deny that it meant anything, "just an expression," she'd say.

Has anyone heard a similar expression?

If it is a known epithet I suspect it's a mild one as she was a very conservative and proper Lutheran woman.

19-11-06, 21:47
The first that came into my mind was the dialect word "uuslit" as in "noo ere uuslit". A simple translation would be "it is terrible".

I know I should try to write the phonetic english spelling but... Have to figure it out how this could be done.

Was your mother by any chance from Ostrobothnia?


19-11-06, 22:11
Yes, she was from Ostrobothnia.

You replied to me a couple of years ago when I queried the Finholms and mentioned that you knew her (Hjordis Margaretta's) father, Albert Finholm.

Thanks for the suggestion of a possible translation.

26-11-06, 22:23
I agree with Hasse .I got the same words in my mind too.