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Raija Vänskä
20-11-06, 14:49
Hello ,

I am Raija Vänskä and I am looking some knowledge about my
oncle John Laine.
John Laine has moved to USA about 1923-1925. He has lived
in Pennsylvania at least 1939.

Thank you !



Karen Norwillo
20-11-06, 16:15
Can you give us abit more about John, date of birth, married, occupation? There are so many John Laines on Ancestry.com and Ellis Island arrivals, it would help to know what to look for. There were 20 John Laine arrivals from Finland between 1921-1923, most of which appear to be the same man, a sailor, who was between the ages of 30-35. There was one from Kurkijoki who was married, but unfortunately, there is no ships manifest image available.

Karen Norwillo
20-11-06, 20:57
I've searched on the 26 Feb 1891 birthdate you sent me, but the closest I could find was a John Laine born 26 July 1891 in Viipuri, Finland. This was in the WWII Draft Registration for Gary, Lake, Indiana. He was unemployed and single, living at 544 Hanley St. Contact given as Mike Nevala, same address.

1930 Census for Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA has a John Laine born abt 1891 in Finland as a lodger in the home of Matt and Marguerette Hyvonen. He worked in a sawmill.
The only John Laine or Lane I found in Pittsburgh was born in Arkansas in 1891.

You also said he was born in Kivennapa, Carelia. I believe Viipuri was in Carelia???

Karen Norwillo
21-11-06, 18:37
I found a John Laine in the 1920 and 1930 census in Philadelphia, but this would have him in US before 1923. He was a carpenter in the building trade. There is much differences in age and date of emigration, so it probably isn't who you're looking for. He was 34 in 1920 and 39 in 1930, which of course isn't correct. If the 39 in 1930 is correct, that would have him born abt. 1891. He was from Finland, as was his wife Edna or Erna, depending on the year. She also was born Finland. They have a son Harold born about 1919, daughters Lillian, abt 1923 and Jane, abt 1924. His year of emigration is vastly different in both census, 1914 on one and 1908 on the other. Lots of errors on these census.