View Full Version : Bit Strange I think

20-11-06, 17:22
This afternoon I have been trawling through the Finlander Membership List and was amazed to find that out of the 24 latest members to join, only 7 had completed any details, other than the very basics.

I am sure, that had I not got bored with the whole exercise, I would have found that this was the trend much further on in the list also.

I realise that many members might not want their personal details like birthdays (they miss out on one of my poems though!!) occupation, interests etc. on public view, but I cannot understand why they do not complete the sections "Researching Surnames and Places". Most of us on Finlander are, I assume, researching Finnish ancestry, and I am sure would be willing to share information and help others where possible, but we certainly cannot do so without at least a name to go on.