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Darrell Kaikkonen
20-11-06, 19:44

I recently located my greatgrandfather's naturalization record showing that he arrived in the port of New York on or about July of 1880.
I would like to find any information I can about his arrival, and any information about him in Michigan. I have already his 1900-1910 census in Wadena county, MN, land patent records in SD, and his marriage record there.
After arriving in New York in 1880, he went to work in the mines in Michigan and in April of 1882 he homesteaded in Brown county, SD along with his brother Matti Roman. In 1895 Matti moved to Brocket, ND and Isaac moved to Wadena county, MN.

Isaac's details:

Born Israel Raappana in July of 1856 in Suomussalmi, Finland.
Surnames he used in the U.S. are Rainne, Rooman, Rauman, Roman and Rauma. He changed his firstname also from Israel and used various forms of Isak ie. Isakki, Isaac etc.

Thanks for any help,
Darrell Kaikkonen

26-11-06, 04:13
Suomussalmi - christened (HISKI)

* Years 1850 - 1860
* Father's last name: RAAPPANA => Raappana
* Child's first name: ISRAEL => Israel
We have two Israel kids here:)
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
7.7.1852 27.8.1852 Suolij: slut Matts Raappana Elsa Kanniainen Israel
18.12.1857 16.1.1858 Näljängä backst: Israel Raappana Walborg Seppänen Israel

and this is the only Matti - he died in 1855 :(
12.1.1855 25.2.1855 Wuokki backst: Matts Raappana Sophia Kemppain Matts (+ 7/7 55)
Christening lists end in 1859.
As to Michigan, what town or at least what county did Isaac work in? EDIT: forgot to ask for his wife's particulars as well if she was Finnish born.

Darrell Kaikkonen
27-11-06, 00:25
Thanks much for the reply.
My family records give Isaac's father's name as Matt Raappana, so I knew I had to search Suomussalmi parish records to sort out which one. A researcher there eliminated all Matt Raappana's except the one you mentioned. Matt Raappana born in 1818 at Suolijärvi #24. He married Elsa Kanniainen.
They both died in 1868 and two of their children died around that time, probably from hunger or disease. So that left 3 sons Matti born 13.2.1846, Israel born 7.7.1852, and Anders born 18.11.1859.

The parish records indicate that Matti disappeared from the records around 1880 and that he emigrated to America. Israel disappeared from the parish records about that time too. Israel had a notation that he might have been living in Russia, so they may have emigrated to America through Russia or Norway. Matti had worked in the fisheries at Vadso earlier. So this family matches pretty good. Andrew Rauma (Anders Raappana) arrived in the port of New York in April of 1886 according to his naturalization papers, and lived in Astoria, OR and I have located much info on him from researchers in Astoria.

I don't know where in Michigan Matti and Isaac worked in the mines, their land patent papers only said they worked in the mines in Michigan and on railroads in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
I wanted to find some info about their arrivals in New York, Isaac and Matti arrived in July of 1880, and Andrew Rauma arrived in New York in April of 1886.
I don't have access to any ship manifests.

Isaac's first wife was Anna Waisanen born on April 14, 1854 at Jokijärvi, Finland to Zachris Mattson Waisanen b.16.11.1827 at Pudasjärvi. Anna died in 1899 and Isaac remarried to a Kreeta Pyykko b. 3.11.1861 of Utajärvi, Finland. Anna Waisanen's parents and brother (Saul Weiste) all emigrated to Brown county SD.

Darrell Kaikkonen

27-11-06, 02:52

I tried to find them at this Norsk place but no luck so you just may do better knowing all of the personal iinfo.

I had a Danish registry and did not find them amongst the Finns who departed from that place.

I did not find them at castlegarden.org which predates Ellis Island. Are you absolutely sure they arrived at New York?


Darrell Kaikkonen
27-11-06, 17:34
Thanks for those lookups.
Yes, I have the naturalization papers for Isaac and Andrew, and they both give the port of New York as the point of entry. I don't have the naturalization paper for Matti, but I am quite sure he was traveling with Isaac because they were together in Michigan and Brown county SD, getting their land patents on the same day. You are probably right, this may be all I will find on them. Does Ancestry.com have ship manifest images that I can browse through if I get a subscription?
Thanks, Darrell

Karen Norwillo
27-11-06, 18:12
Yes, Ancestry has ships manifest for early New York arrivals as well as other ports. They don't all give as much info as the later Ellis Island arrivals. I have a subscription and will gladly do a look-up for you if you want. Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-11-06, 18:50
I did a brief check, but so far nothing. I also checked Castle Garden. Lots of Rauma arrivals, but not yours. I will try the other spellings. I tried a few. I did find Andrew and his wife Louisa in Nome Alaska in the 1900 census. Says their home address is Astoria, Oregon where he was a saloon keeper. In Nome he is a miner. Says he came to Alaska in 1897. His birth given as Dec 1859 and Louisa as July 1864. Both came to US 1888.I wouldn't hold too much stock in difference of emigration from 1886 to 1888. These years were often wrong. He's from Finland, she Norway.

Darrell Kaikkonen
27-11-06, 22:36
Thanks much Karen for your info.

You have found for me a birthdate of December 1859 for Andrew Rauma. This is something I have been looking for cause it is a close match to the one in HiSKi and the parish record of November 16,1859. Previously I only had Andrew Rauma's death certificate birthdate of November 30, 1865, which I always doubted. So now I feel even more confident that I located the right family. Where did you find this birthdate and is it a website so I can make a copy?

I think Isaac and Matti must have used a name other than Rauma on their arrival in New York cause they used the other name variations in their earliest records I have found. And they were consistent in using names beginning with R. The names Isaac used were in this sequence: Rainne - 1880-82, Rooman - 1884, Roman through 1895, and Rauma thereafter. Matti used Romen and Roman always. Andrew used Rauma always.

Thanks again for the birthdate info.

Karen Norwillo
27-11-06, 22:40
I found Isak in the 1900 and 1910 census in Red Eye Township, Wadena, MN. 1900 he is Isak Roman, 42, widowed, born July 1857, US 1880, farmer. Son Isak, 12, Feb 1888 and daughter Hilda, 8, Dec 1891.

1910, he is Rauma, still in MN. Age 51, married twice, wife's name given as Mary, 48, son William 19, daughter Ina M, 8.
WWI Draft Reg. has a William Isaac Rauma
2 Feb 1890 in SD. in Red Eye, Wadena, MN
The 1910 census has an initial after the son's name, I wasn't sure if it was an I or a J, but it's probably an I for Isaac.

He may have gotten here too late for the 1880 census and most of the 1890 was destroyed by fire.
Birth month and year were included on the 1900 census.

Darrell Kaikkonen
27-11-06, 23:29
I have the 1900 & 1910 census for Redeye township. William Isaac Rauma is my grandfather. I wasn't aware of a WWI draft registration for him. Would it contain any useful information? I at one time found a draft registration notice for a Isaac W. Roman but don't know if it was someone else or not. I was unable to follow up on it.

Can you send me a .jpg copy of Andrew Rauma's Nome, Alaska 1900 census giving his birthdate? He returned from Alaska to Astoria, OR about 1905. He and Louisa divorced and she went back to Nome.

28-11-06, 14:31
Hi Darrell,
Here is William Isaac's Draft Reg.


28-11-06, 14:39
Hi Darrell,
Here is Andrew Rauma's 1900 Census.


Darrell Kaikkonen
28-11-06, 22:32
Hi Denise,

Thanks so much for those copies, I am very happy to receive them and add them to my genealogy records. I haven't found much info in a long time, so I am really pleased with this nice forum and all the great people on it.

Thanks for sending these copies to me.


01-12-06, 22:12
Hi Darrell,
You're welcome!