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D J Granlund
21-11-06, 15:56
I have come across a strange, at least to me, abbreviation in a moving in entry in HisKi that I am hoping some kind soul will translate for me.

Nurmijärvi-moved (in)
arr "1.1.1888" Village "Hyvinkä" Person "suut ulosopp. Adolf Ylen" Place "Janakkalasta"

What does suut ulosopp. mean?

Thanks for the help.

21-11-06, 19:54
This is but a guess:

suut ulosopp=suutariksi ulosoppinut=utlärd till skomakare=fully learned shoemaker.

"ulosoppinut" is not correct Finnish but a person, e.g. a local priest, with only little knowlegde in Finnish might translate "utlärd" litterally to "ulosoppinut".


D J Granlund
22-11-06, 00:14

Thank you so much. That make perfect sense but it is a mystery to me how you recognised the true meaning.