View Full Version : The Keep Fit Class

23-11-06, 00:52
For any of you who have ever tried dieting or exercise, or both, I hope you will enjoy my poem.

Oh boy oh boy, what was I thinking?
The classes were free, that's why!
So off I went, sports kit sort of matched??
Cool wasn't enough - oh sigh!!

Little did I suspect, though perhaps I should
The classes were free, as I said
But silly me "gentle exercise" was advertised
I'm not sure if I'm right in the head

Well, anyway folks, three classes have passed
And a lot of huffing and puffing I've done
At 60 years of age, I'm still keeping up
With the young ones - not sure when I turn 61

Getting weaker by the minute, supposed to be fitter
Can we please have a break to recover?
Yippee!!! We've stopped, but for how long?
Oh no, three sips of water, it's all over!

Well, still hanging in there, here comes lesson four
Not giving up, no how, no way
Getting fitter (I think) as each week goes by
But forget it, if you think I will pay!

Seriously now, and in between the pain
Which for the moment has all away gone
I'm not going to be beaten, not going to give up
Just need to diet a bit and the battle will be won!

:eek: Seriously folks, it's not all that bad and I really am feeling fitter - just about.