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Jeanette Baker
27-11-06, 06:16
Hello, I am happy to be a new member, I have Upper Penninsula Finnish relatives,

My Great Grandfather was born to Finnish Immigrants in the Ford Lumber town of Pequaming Michigan, His Father was Michael Mattson Haanpaa Born: 20 November 1873 (Mikko Haanpää in Rev.Ilmonens journal from Michigan, which states he was from Seinäjoki)
I Know he immigrated around 1893 but I do not know anything else, so that is my genealogy dead end right now. He was married in Pequaming on 17 December 1895 to Ida Sofia Johansdatter Peltomaki, who was born 16 December 1875 in: Peltomäen torppa, Penttilä, Kälviän, Kälviä, Vaasa, Finland to Johannes Mattsson Arlund Peltomaki and Edla Eriksdotter Hakunti. Ida Immigrated in 1895 traveling with her sister and Brother in law Lyda Elizabeth Johansdatter and Mattias Kaelio.

I have been able to gather recently the information and family tree for Ida, bot I am stuck on Mike Haanpaa.

27-11-06, 07:08
I see 4 on the Upper Peninsula dbase named Haanpää who are listed as born in Jalasjärvi
They were all members at the:
Michigan, Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
Do they interest you? It is likely your people used a Finnish language church.
My info is from Swedish language churches save for the Finnish church in Champion (Marquette Co.) and the Crystal Falls church who I found 4 Haanpää members.

EDIT: Pequaming (Baraga Co.)0 0- Suomi Synod
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
[Source: RW]
So looks like your fam used a Finnish lang church.


Jeanette Baker
27-11-06, 15:16
They may have attended the Finnish Church in Pequaming, there was a high Finnish population there, I know that their Children as adults attended the United Luthern Church, in L'anse and there was a United Luthern Church in Pequaming. I will try to find out where the old church records are now held. Pequaming has been a "ghost town" for years now.

I would be interested in the Haanpää's from Crystal Falls, I know my grandfather had relatives in AAmasa, which is near there, My mother remembers visiting.

27-11-06, 18:23
Swenson S 27-3 =Michigan, Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)

Chu. Pos Given names Surname Other data Born Parish Em.

S 27-3 12w Hilda Honkala Haanpää age 19 1902 Jalasjärvi unk
this Hilda was born Haanpää
S 27-3 30h Wallentin Haanpää not given Jalasjärvi 1905
S 27-3 30h Salomon Valen? Haanpää Nov 1880 Jalasjärvi 1900
Wallentin and Salomon were married to women not shown as born in Finland
and finally this is likely WAllentin with his whole family and birthdate, etc.
S 27-3 31h Walentin Haanpää Aug 24 1857 Jalasjärvi unk
S 27-3 31w Hedwig Sofia Jan 16 1855 Jalasjärvi 1905
S 27-3 31d Hilma not given Jalasjärvi unk
S 27-3 31d Vendla not given Jalasjärvi unk
S 27-3 31d Lempi Maria Jun 22 1890 Jalasjärvi 1905
S 27-3 31s Frans Isak Nov 30 1887 Jalasjärvi 1906

Art Fors
28-11-06, 05:51
Hello Jeanette,

This is what I found about your gg grandfather, Michel Haanpää from the Institute of Migration.

Detailed passenger information.

Last name: Haanpää
First names: Michel
Age or age group: 20
Port of departure Seinäjoki
Place of destination: Lyons
State of destination: WI
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 237
Ship from Finland: Urania
Date of departure from Finland: 10.12.1893
Ship from England: *
Date of departure from England: . .9999
Ocean Line: Dominion Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 1/110
Remarks: *

Detailed information (Finnish Americans)

Last name: Haanpää
First names: Mikko
County: Pequaming
State: Michigan
Country: USA
Year of Source info: 1926
Additional information Residence in Finland: Seinäjoki
Source: Ilmonen, S.: The History of Finnish Americans 1926, page 119


Art Fors
28-11-06, 07:07
Hello Jeanette,

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 > Michigan > Baraga County > 0 > Draft Card H

Jeanette Baker
28-11-06, 14:47
Thank you all,

I had not found that Migration record, I had found one for a Mikko Haanpa that arrived 24 Dec 1899, that went to Hancock, but the date was off. I will look into the Lyons Wisconsin information, Thank you

I have found them listed in the 1900 Census for Pequaming: Under the Names Matson, by 1910 all the records switch to the Haanpaa.

Name: Michael Matson Home in 1900: L'Anse, Baraga, Michigan Age: 27 Estimated birth year: 1873 Birthplace: Finland Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Head Immigration year: 1893
Occupation: teamster

Name: Ida S Matson Home in 1900: L'Anse, Baraga, Michigan Age: 25 Estimated birth year: 1875 Birthplace: Finland Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Wife Immigration year: 1895

Married 3 years children born 2 children living 2

Name: Mattias M Matson Home in 1900: L'Anse, Baraga, Michigan Age: 2 Estimated birth year: 1898 Birthplace: Michigan Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Son

Name: John E Matson Home in 1900: L'Anse, Baraga, Michigan Age: 0 Age months: 3 Estimated birth year: 1900 Birthplace: Michigan Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Son

This gives me more to look for in the Seinäjoki area, would Haanpää be a farm name?

Art Fors
28-11-06, 18:51
Hello Jeanette,

Haanpää is a farm name but not in Seinäjoki parish. Parishes with Haanpää farm name are: Angelniemi, Halikko, Jyväskylän msrk - Jyväskylä lf, Korpilahti, Luhanka, Noormarkku - Norrmark and Pomarkku - Påmark.

Here is a list of parishes followed by the number of christenings (in brackets) with Haanpää as the father's last name.

Ahlainen (8)
Alahärmä (8)
Alavus (3)
Isojoki - Storå (1)
Jalasjärvi (3)
Kalajoki (4)
Kuortane (4)
Lapua - Lappo (39)
Lavia (2)
Merikarvia - Sastmola (14)
Nakkila (2)
Nurmo (26)
Pomarkku - Påmark (4)
Pori - Björneborg (22)
Seinäjoki (4)
Siikainen (25)
Viipurin msrk - Viborgs lf (2)

Lapua and Nurmo are neighboring parished to Seinäjoki.


29-11-06, 00:29
4 pages of scans beginning here with Walentin

29-11-06, 00:31
now Salomon

29-11-06, 00:34
now Hilma f. Haanpää

29-11-06, 00:36
and finally Vendla Haanpää

Jeanette Baker
29-11-06, 14:14
Thank you, this will give me much to work on this weekend!

Correction to The information above:

Information I just got from My Mother:
Mike and Ida Haanpaa -attended the Finish Luthern Church in L'Anse. It closed down because they could no longer get Finnish speaking ministers and also because in the 80's sometime the various Lutheran synods merged into the ELCA.

But She --Ida --was Apostolic Lutheran. They didn't have an apostolic Lutheran in L'Anse --but they did attend what was the "soumi or Finnish Lutheran church. Which was NOT United Lutheran where Grandma-Grandpa ( Their Son Johan Emil Haanpaaand his Wife Lena ) went.

It was on Main Street too. Someone bought it and converted to a house. It is across from the hospital.

Jeanette Baker
08-03-10, 05:29
It has been a while.. I am adding here to update information found since.
I have still not verified or found the rest of the immigration to the US that matches the one to Lyons Wi.

Michael Mattson Haanpää
Born 20 Nov 1872 Seinäjoki, Seinäjoki, Vaasa

Married on 17 Dec 1896 in Hancock, Baraga, Michigan to

Ida Sofia Johansdatter Peltomäki born 16 Dec 1875
Penttilä (Farm), Kälviän, Kälviä, Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland
(daughter of Juho Matinpoika Arlund b. 14 Jun 1825 Ahllund, Pernu, Kälviä, Vaasa. and Edla Erkintytär Hakunti b. 16 Jul 1843 Hakunti, Ruotsalon, Kälviä, Vaasa)

Michael (or Michel) is the Son of

Matheus Salomoninpoika (or Salomson) Haanpää
B. 10 Sep 1846 Seinäjoki, d. 13 Apr 1920 Seinäjoki
( Son of Salom Mårtenson Jouppila (Kortesoja) and Susanna Jakobsdatter (b circa 1821 Latomäki married: 30 Nov 1838 Lappo Farm, Ilmajoki )

And Justina Amalja Mikintytar Männikkö
b 18 May 1845 Latomäki (farm), Ilmajoki, Vaasa, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Finland
they were married in Seinäjoki on 02 Apr 1870
(daughter of Mikkel Salomonson Lähdesmäki Männikkö, born in 1815 in Yli-Martila and Maria Justina Salomonsdtr b. 16 Apr 1819 Ala Latomäki, Lähdesmäki Torp, Ilmajoki)

Michel Haanpaa's sister Helena Matilda Haanpää also Immigrated in 1900 and Married Isaac Emil Hillson they settled in Amasa, Mich.

08-03-10, 09:28

Do a "search" from the top menu with Haanpää.

There was recent discussion here about the name. Not sure if it any connection, but I'd check it out.

21-03-10, 02:57
In your postings you didn't mention your ancestry path to Mikko Haanpää born 1873 beyond being your great grandfather. Mikko's children were Mattias, Johan, William, Walfred, Ellen and likley one more but name is unknown. Is one of these names your grand parent?

Regards Eldon

Jeanette Baker
21-03-10, 16:46
My line is through Miikos' son Johan Emil,

All born in Pequaming Mi. and Died in L'Anse Mi except for Tiovo who died in Pequaming.

Mattias Michael, b. 26 Sep 1897 d. 19 Oct 1974
Johann Emil, b. 04 Feb 1900 d. 14 Jul 1982
William Alexander, b. 06 Dec 1902 d. Jul 1969
Tioivo, b. 24 Jun 1907 d. 24 Jun 1907
Walfred Otto, b.16 Sep 1910 d. 18 Oct 1997
Ellen Sophia b. April 12, 1913 d. 30 Oct 1999

21-03-10, 18:31
According to my computer's calculation Johan Emile Haanpää (your grandfather I assume) would be my 4th cousin once removed. Thus you mother or father would be my 5th cousin.

The interesting part of your earlier posts is that I saw two parts of your line in my database but not connected. You prompted me to search Hiski and find the path connecting the two families. Thank you.

I have Oline Jorgine Eliasen as the wife of Johan.

Jeanette Baker
21-03-10, 18:51
Johan Emil (he went by Emil) was my Great grandfather, through his daughter Isabelle.

Yes He was married to Oline Jorgine Eliasen, her name after immigration from Norway was americanized to Lena Georgina.

I have more data and ancestors for the both, where in your line do they fit in? I would love to compare and share information, you can email me directly jettbaker (at) gmail .com