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27-11-06, 23:54
is anyone else having weird weather.

Here in BC - we first had major rain which caused a boil water advisory for the last 10 -14 days then suddenly this weekend - snow, lots and lots of snow- some places having almost 30cm or more.

We don't get snow in this part of BC in November - it causes major problems with the traffic and everything else. And now, they say we will be down to -10c tonight and with the wind chill tomorrow, we are looking at -18c.

And not only is this weird, but my cousin in Finland tells me that they have 4 -6c and nice, pleasant weather with no snow - he and his kids are having a great time laughing at us here in BC.

So, how is your weather?

June Pelo
28-11-06, 00:15
Our weather here in Florida is lovely. But I read in today's paper that Seattle, which is a rainy place anyway, is getting more than the usual amount of rain and storms. You're probably located near there and getting the same weather system.


b hietala
28-11-06, 05:32
Similar weather here.... major floods just recently... washing out bridges in November, which is very unusual. Now, snow and cold... subzero this week. So, yeah. We usually don't get much subzero weather until January. But, then.. that's Montana. I've seen it snow here on the 4th of July. Go figure.

28-11-06, 06:24

Yes, I am about 2 -3 hrs north of Seattle, depending on the boarder and how fast I drive. :)

My daughter gave me heck today - I knit - mostly for others and I had no gloves, no hat and no scarf when I went to work this morning.

She had laid out a set on the table and told me I had better be wearing it tomorrow or I was in trouble when I get home.

28-11-06, 09:11
In our part of the UK, it is grey, wet, miserable, dull and horrible today - just for a change!!!! Still, mustn't grumble - we had a brilliant summer. That seems so long ago now though.:(

Karen Norwillo
28-11-06, 15:52
We in the North-east PA are enjoying very unusually warm weather for late November. We went through the heavy rains earlier in the month, but now are averaging 60 F most days. A cold front is coming by the end of the week and we'll be back in the 30-40's where we should be.

Margot Flynn
29-11-06, 02:11
We are having very crazy weather here in Ontario as well. We are expecting a high of 17C tomorrow!..Get out the t-shirts!
We would normally have snow by this time of year, but...we are enjoying every day this wierd warm weather is with us.

01-12-06, 20:19
Hi from Michigan!

Snowing like crazy here- predicted anywhere from 8 to 12 inches today! Last week in the high 50's. Seems like a long time ago!

Denise :(

June Pelo
01-12-06, 20:40
TV has been showing the horrible weather sweeping across the country north of us - snow, ice, cars piled up in ditches, etc. and it's kind of hard to imagine it. I just went out to water my roses and fill the birdbath - doors and windows are open and it feels like July.

June :)

01-12-06, 20:56
Hi June,
Can I come for a visit? Like 8 months or so!!! :cool: I would be happy to be your birdbath filler and gardener!


01-12-06, 21:04
If you would like to see some nice snow pictures -

Nancie-Lynnn (http://nancie-lynnn.deviantart.com/)

This is my daughter - she is hoping to study photography in the Spring.