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Jaska Sarell
01-12-06, 00:51
I'd like to share this link:


:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
01-12-06, 17:07
Thank you, Jaska. How peaceful and serene the picture is. I'll have to check it daily. I love this season. Karen

Jaska Sarell
01-12-06, 19:34
Remember to keep sound switched off or volume control down :(
Sylvia's Christmas Carol (at least on 1st Dec) is too beautiful to be spoiled by that annoying mechanical tone.

:confused: Jaska

02-12-06, 10:32
Here is also the traditional Christmas calendar from the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland.

The Swedish version is here (http://www.kotus.fi/joulu/2006/adventskalender/adventskalender2006.shtml)
and the Finnish language version here (http://www.kotus.fi/joulu/2006/joulukalenteri2006.shtml)

For traditional Christmas Carols - visit the Traditional Christmas Concert in the St. Lars Church/Pyhän Laurin Kirkko in Vanda/Vantaa Monday December 4th at 19.00!! Four choirs + sing alongs.

02-12-06, 10:34
Absolutely beautiful, Jaska - I was tempted to click on all the days in advance, but decided to be patient instead! I cannot do it anyway it seems. No problem with the sound here - my speakers don't work).


10-12-06, 00:50
1st Dec. = 10, 2nd Dec. = 9, 3rd Dec. = 10, 4th Dec. = 11 (Sorry, cannot count, but that is SO cute!), 5th Dec. = 5, 6th Dec. = 10 (beautifully serene), 7th Dec. 9-10-ish, 8th Dec. = 3 (Nah, sorry, only one I haven't liked so far), 9th Dec = 10 (Daughter's birthday, so I have to like that).