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Kelli Grover
07-12-06, 00:48
Hi, Everyone. I have been a "winter time" researcher for the past several years. Breakthroughs are few and far between with my father's side of the family. My grandfather, Ulric Wilho Brandt was born March 24, 1900 in Lappfjard, Finland. His last name was Sjoblom until about 1920 as per Ellis Island records. His Social Security application said his father was Ulric (Leonard) Brandt and his mother was "Karl's daughter-Unknown". Ulric Leonard Brandt was born in Sweden, Feb. 4, 1875. His Alabama Death certificate says Father: Joseph Brandt, Sweden, Mother: Unknown. The name Adeline Sjuls has come up in family talks as being my Great Grandmother, but when my ggrandfather came to the US in 1905, he was a widow. If anyone has any ideas about these people, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks, Kelli

Kaj Granlund
07-12-06, 15:35
Should be my district. But haven't many of those born around 1900... in the database. But all the names you mention are typical names from the Lappfjärd-Kristinestad area. So I don't see why it should be impossible to find any threads.
I have an Adelina Sjuls born abt 1916, but she might bee too young? Any idea about her age?
I send you a private message.

William Dahlin
07-12-06, 22:17
Social Security Death Record

Ulric Brandt
Last Residence 07826 Branchville, Sussex New Jersey
Born: 24 Mar 1900
Died: March 1968