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Ingemar Ekman
09-12-06, 10:54
Eija in Sollentuna looking for more information about her mathernal grandmother´s father Vilhelmi Kurko born
March 18, 1875 in Viipuri, Finland. His family in Finland consisted of wife Ida born Nov 21 1882 in Miehikkäla, daughters Elviira b June 10, 1903, Eelin b July 1, 1906, Elsa b July 13, 1910 dead 1911, and son Erkki b July 8 1908. All children were born in Miehikkälä, except for Elsa born in Valkeala Finland.

He emigrated alone around 1910-1911 to Duluth MN. He changed his name to William Lehto.

Eija has earlier got information from Census records but no success to continue.

According to 1920 U.S Census, a William Lehto, 45 y old, lived in Michigan Kalamazoo (ED#156) as lodger in another family.
According to 1930 U.S. Census, a William Lehto, 55 y old, lived Washington, Grays Harbour, Aberdeen at Sammit 915.

He is now married (re-married) to a woman 45 y old (illegible name). They had a daughter Ingrid 7 years old born in Aberdeen. The wife had a son Victor 19 years old born in Finland. He died in Aberdeen 1 March 1980 ( Ref SSDI)

We are looking forward to get any help to find when William and the new wife died and maybe the obituaries will give more information.

Thank you,

10-12-06, 04:31
Here is a start, William Lehto's WW1 Draft Reg. Card.


10-12-06, 04:37
Here is William Lehto's 1920 Census.


10-12-06, 04:45
Here is William Lehto's 1930 Census. They have the wife's name listed as FRINO, and William Lehto lists his year of immigration as 1910.


10-12-06, 05:06
Here is son Victor Lehto's death record.


Washington Death Index, 1940-1996
Name: Victor W Lehto
Date of Death: 1 Mar 1980
Place of Death: Aberdeen
Age: 69
Estimated birth year: abt 1911
Residence: Aberdeen
Gender: Male
SSN: 538-20-1312
Certificate: 005249

10-12-06, 08:15
Hi Ingemar,

On the 1930 census page posted by Denise, it is possible that Lehto's wife's name is Nina. I found a Nina Lehto in the Minnesota Death Index with the following information:

Name: MRS. Nina Lehto
Birth Date: 7 Oct 1885 [-- this would make her 45 in 1930...]
Death Date: 15 Oct 1964
Death County: Aitkin
State file number: 000112
Certificate Number: 000112
Certificate Year: 1964
Record Number: 1583248

This is a long shot, but I think it could be her. One would have to look at her Death Certificate to know. Perhaps someone in Minnesota can do that??? If I'm wrong, the Death Certificate will tell us.

Good luck in your search! I'll do more looking tomorrow.


10-12-06, 16:27
This is from Ancestry.com.


1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Frino Lehto
Home in 1930: Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington
Age: 45
Estimated birth year: abt 1885
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Spouse's name: William


Military Service:

Rent/home value:

Age at first marriage:

Parents' birthplace: View image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
William Lehto 55
Frino Lehto 45
Victor Lehto 19
Ingrid Lehto 7
Henry A Holma 54
John Hovi 42

Karen Norwillo
10-12-06, 16:46
Another possibility is the enumerator misunderstood and her name was Fiina, short for Josefina or Sarafina etc?

Ingemar Ekman
10-12-06, 21:03
Debbie, Denise and Karen,
Thank you very much. I forwarded all information to Eija and she called me and is very overjoyed for your help.
Best Regards

18-01-07, 02:25
Hi Ingemar,
Hope these help.
Found at Genealogy Society Finland Emigration, USA, Indexes
Death Certificates of Finns in Grays Harbor County, Washington, 1907-1947

LEHTONEN, FIINA -- Born August 31, 1884, Finland. Died June 15, 1936, St. Joseph Hospital, Aberdeen, Wash. Cause of death: diabetes mellitus; coma. Wife of William Lehtonen. Father: John Suonio. Burial June 18, 1936, Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Wash.

LEHTONEN, WILHELM (WILLIAM LEHTO) -- Age 62, born in Finland. Died Apr. 26, 1937, Hoquiam, Wash. Cause of death: crushing injury at Polson Camp #3. Widower. Bucker, logging in woods. Informant: Victor Lehtonen, Aberdeen, Wash. Burial May 1, 1937, Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Wash.


Ingemar Ekman
19-01-07, 18:25
Hi Jeanette,
Thank you very much. I have contacted "lookup volunteer" in Grays Harbour County. In beginning of December I contacted volunteers in Aberdeen WA and in Aitkin MN, but we did not get any reply.

Ingemar Ekman
02-02-08, 18:08
Sue in Oregon sent me recently information about the obituary after William Lehto that died in Aberdeen Wa 1937 Thank you Sue. An extract of the obituary:
"William Lehtonen (Lehto) 62 killed in accident. He came to the Harbor area district from Finland,his birthplace, 27 years ago and since employed by Poison company. Mr. Lehtonen leaves a son Victor, a daughter Ingrid, and a uncle John Suoino, all of Aberdeen"
This obituary and the 1930 WA state census was not the correct person even if the name and age seemed to match.

The records that showed the right William Lehto was the WW1 Draft Reg card from 12 Sep 1918 that Denise found, showed he worked as carpenter at Newhall & Co in Detroit and was born 1875 and also the 1920 U.S Census, a William Lehto, 45 y old, lived in Michigan Kalamazoo (ED#156) as lodger in another family.

Is it possible to find more records about him in Michigan?
Thank you,