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Sören Ahinko
10-12-06, 18:47
I wonder if there is someone who can help me, to found out when and where
Leander Johansson Andtbacka – Hästholm, born 1867-08-03 in Kronoby, was in USA?
He came back to Finland and died in 1937-11-10 in Karleby.
My uncle said once that there should be a photo of Leander and his wife, Maria Mariasdr Kort born 1865-03-24 in Karleby, taken somewhere in USA.


June Pelo
10-12-06, 20:33

Hasse Andtbacka has this family in his Släkten Andtbacka, but doesn't mention Leander's visit to the US. When Hasse gets online, he may know more.


Hasse Andtbacka
10-12-06, 22:35
This taylor had children in his first marriage born 1892, 1896, 1898, 1899, 1901, 1903, 1905 and 1907. There is not much time to stay away from home ;)
His tour to America could have been between the first and second child, or between the wifes. The first child with his second wife is born 1915.

By the way, the first child born in Kronoby is Uno Valter, b. 12.12.1899.

Hasse Andtbacka

Karen Norwillo
10-12-06, 22:39
There is a Leander Andtbacka arriving Castle Garden, also found on Ellis Island, 4 May 1895. He is a Finnish laborer, but it says he's 40. That would have him born abt 1855. He arrived on "Paris" from Southampton, destination Virginia.
There's also one on Migration Institute, but his date of birth is 1883 and his patronymic is Simonsson. He emigrated 17 May 1902.

Sören Ahinko
13-12-06, 22:36
Yes, I have Hasses book. And it´s a suprise for us when we the picture was mentioned. I will try to found the picture next summer when I go to Kronoby.

You have right, Leander did´nt have so much time over when he got so many children. But I think they was i USA before that got married in 1891 or before the second child. It´s looks like that theirs first child died young?

Thank you for taht you checked out for me. But it´s the wrong Leander.


Sören Ahinko
08-08-07, 22:45
Now I have more information about the photo of Leander and Maria in USA.
It seams that they was in Cadillac, Michigan. On the photo is J. Andersson The R T Studio in Cadillac, printed.
So I hope this can lead to that someone can found out some more about my mothers grandmother and grandfather.
Is´t possible that Cadillac could be found in other states then Michigan?

Bye the way it would be great to have one Cadillac Eldorado Brougham -58....