View Full Version : A Genealogist's Christmas Wish

16-12-06, 18:47
All I Want For Christmas Is A New Surname

Dear Santa: Don't bring me new dishes,
I don't need a new kind of game.
Genealogists have peculiar wishes.
For Christmas I just want a surname.

A new washing machine would be great,
But it's not the desire of my life.
I've just found an ancestor's birth date;
What I need now is the name of his wife.

My heart doesn't yearn for a ring
That would put a real diamond to shame.
What I want is a much cheaper thing;
Please give me Mary's last name.

To see my heart singing with joy,
Don't bring me a leather suitcase,
Bring me a genealogist's toy:
A surname with dates and a place.

(author unknown)
(seen in Illinois State Gen Soc newsletter 1984)

Karen Norwillo
17-12-06, 16:51
What I would give for a bulldozer to knock down those "brick walls."

Paivi T
18-12-06, 12:57
Hear, hear!

Päivi *grinning from ear to ear*