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Sören Ahinko
17-12-06, 20:15
Here is an other trick one.

My sister is looking for Elin (Elli) Sjöberg born 1887-08-30 in Kimito, Finland.
And she was married to Johan Sävel and they had on daughter, Maire.
At Ellis Island we have found that Elin Savel and Maire came to USA 1923-01-09. And they should go to brother inl. (what does that means?) Charles Young, 19 Kidder Street, Quincy Mass. It´s seams that Elins husband stayed in Finland.
Elin lived later in New York.

And it would be great if someone can found out what happened to Elins sister, Zera Sjöberg.
Some rumors said that she went to South America and some says that she went to Canada.
That is almost everything we know about Elin and her family.
And any information about these people, would be nice to give my sister and her husband for Christmas present.


18-12-06, 01:56
Here is Elin Savel's death record.


Social Security Death Index
Name: Elin Savel
SSN: 051-16-3667
Last Residence: 11377 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States of America
Born: 30 Aug 1887
Died: Oct 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951 )

Source Citation: Number: 051-16-3667;Issue State: New York;Issue Date: Before 1951.

Karen Norwillo
18-12-06, 02:32
There is a Maire T Savel, born 20 Aug 1911 and died 27 July 1994 in Clearwater, Pinellas, FL. This would have her never married if it's the correct person.

18-12-06, 02:37
I thought I'd post Elin's passenger record in case someone else can find further info. on her, or daughter. Do you know who Charles Young was? He was a brother- in- law according to the passenger record. I am finding nothing on Zera. Do you have an idea when she was born? Do you know if she ever married? Do you know if Maire Savel ever married? and when she was born?


18-12-06, 02:39
Here is the second page of the passenger record.


18-12-06, 03:15
Here is Maire Savel's death record and US Public Record.


Florida Death Index, 1877-1998
Name: Maire T Savel
Death Date: 27 Jul 1994
County of Death: Pinellas
State of Death: Florida
Age at Death: 82
Race: White
Birth Date: 20 Aug 1911

U.S. Public Records Index
Name: Maire T Savel
Birth Date: 20 Aug 1911
Street address: 2230 Nursery Rd
City: Clearwater
County: Pinellas
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33764
Household Members: Name Est. Age Birth Year
Maire T Savel 95 1911

The US Public Record has her listed as age 95. Obviously, she was still in the phone book, even though she died at 82 years old.


Sören Ahinko
18-12-06, 19:51
Denise and Karen, it looks like that you found them at once. Thank you for that.

Brother in law.... of course...
We don´t know anything about Charles Young. But can his name in Finland be Karl Ljung? Young and Ljung sounds very similar in my swedish/finnish ear.

Zera (maybee Zerafina) was born Sjöberg and that is al we know about her. And that is not much.

And we don´t have anything on Maire.
Beside that you found about her.
Yes it`s little strange about that she was in the phonebook long after she died.

Once again thanks Denise and Karen for all that you found out.


18-12-06, 21:16
Yes, Karl Ljung is more than likely Charles Young. Do you have any info. on him? Maybe then we can find a clue for more information.


18-12-06, 21:22
Here is Karl Ljung's passenger record.


Karen Norwillo
18-12-06, 23:01
Found a Serafina Sjöberg, age 16, arriving 9 Nov 1911 in Boston on "Franconia" from Liverpool. From Dragsfjord, Finland. Mother Edla Ekholm? in Bjorkboda? Dragsfjord. Going to uncle Valter Johnson, Washington St, Gloucester, Mass. Could this be Zera?
She is on a passenger list on Emigrant Register leaving Hango 25 Oct 1911.

Sören Ahinko
19-12-06, 18:26
You are really great Karen and Denise.

Karen, that is the right girl you found.
Serafina and Elins mother Edla, was married twice, second time with one Ekholm.
So you really found Serafina. It´s great. But she didn´t go to Canada or South America, like some rumors said.....

Denise, you found one Karl Ljung but is he the right one?
Sorry, but we don´t have any information about Karl Ljung.


Karen Norwillo
19-12-06, 22:29
Found Elin on the 1930 census in NYC on Lexington Ave.
Sjoberg, Ellin, 42, married 20, Finn, US 1923, no occupation
Sjoberg, Mary S, 18, single, Finn, 1923, cashier, dept. store
Edvens, John E, 25, lodger, Sweden, steamfitter
Gronross, Hjordis, 25, lodger, Finn, none
VanSoest, Agardus, 24, lodger, Holland, steamfitter
VanSoest, Elizabeth, 24, Arkansas, countergirl, restaurant

Nothing further on Serafina. Maybe she did go to Canada or S America. If she married it will be hard to trace her further.

Sören Ahinko
20-12-06, 22:33
Elin was married when she went to USA and here surname was Savel. But in 1930 census there are her girls name, Sjöberg. Of course she can be divorce, but the census say that she is married. And in the death index is her name Savel again.
How is this possible?


Karen Norwillo
21-12-06, 19:35
Don't know why she would have used her maiden name on this census, but the dates match as far as ages and emigration date. I checked both her name and her daughter's using Savel and nothing came up in NY or MA or anywhere. I know they both were Savel again on death records, so if this is them, it is a mystery.

Sören Ahinko
27-12-06, 21:37
My sister sends her love and thanks for all the help you gave her.
Now she had something to start with.


Anita Lönnqvist
22-04-07, 19:34

My little brother Sören Ahinko has started to looking for my husbands relatives in USA, and now I am going on.
Sera Sjöberg came to Boston 1911-11-09. Maybe she was married with Charles Young, I dont know.
When Elin Sjöberg (Sera`s older sister) came to USA Sera had been there for 11 years, and Elin should wisit her brother in law, Charles Young. Maybe I am wrong.
I know that Sera get three children, John. Karin and Olga. I also know that Olga where married with a man called Bill. 1970-1980 they livec in Plymouth, Massachussettes.

I also kknow that Elin Sjöberg had a restaurant in Harlem, New York and she even rent out rooms for unmarried men, on the second floor of the restaurant.

Maire married a man with name Marchese, I think he was from Italy.

Sorry my bad english!

Anita Lönnqvist

11-11-07, 10:37

I found these family in cencus 1930
Name Karen E Young
Home in 1930 Boston Suffolk Massachusetts
Age 13
Estimated birth year abt 1917
Relation to head of house Daughter
Father´s name Ellsworth C Young
Mother´s name Charlotte S Young
Ellsworth C Young 44
Charlotte S Young 35
Karin E Young 13
John E Young 11
Olga W Young 9
Ellsworth C Young is Canadian-English and immigrated to America in 1903. The two elder children are born in Massachusetts and Olga in New Hampshire. Charlotte was 21 when she got married and Ellsworth 30. Charlotte is born in Finland and emigrated to America in 1911.

MVH Kerstin

Anita Lönnqvist
11-11-07, 20:15
Hello Kerstin!

Thank you very much! I think that you found the right persons for me!

MVH Anita

11-11-07, 21:39
There is a WWII draft regristrations card 1942 for Elsworth Charles Young. He is living together with his wife Charlotte at 32 Cross street Everett Middelsex Massachusetts. He is born in Green Harbor, Nova Scotia on the 2 of june 1885. He is working at Hunt-Spiller Co, Worchester ave, S Boston Mass.

He is also living in Everett under the WWI according to a WWI draft regristration card.

MVH Kerstin

11-11-07, 23:04
And maby this is Elsworth in the Canadian cencus 1901. But here he is called Charles E Young. But he is born on the 2 of june 1885.
Name Charles E Young
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Birth date 2 june 1885
Birthplace Ns
Relation to head of house Son
Mother´s name Annie L
Racial or triban original English
Nationality Canadian
Religion Church of England
Province Nova Scotia
Annie L Young 44 Widowed Born on the 2 of okt 1857
John Euslow 25 Son Born on the 16 of aug 1875
Ardella Euslow 24 Daughter Born on the 6 of nov 1876
William S Young 17 Son Born on the 13 of okt 1883
Charles E Young 15 Son Born on the 2 of june 1885
Dorothy L Young 13 Daughter Born on the 27 mar 1888
Emma E Young 10 Daughter Born on the 2 july 1890
Licille V Young 7 Daughter Born on the 4 july 1893
Edward B Young 5 Son Born on the 13 may 1895
Annie E Young 3 Daughter Born on the 1 jul 1897
Lulu B Young 4 mounth Born on the 9 of dec 1900.

MVH Kerstin

Anita Lönnqvist
13-11-07, 12:18
Thank you Kerstin!

Maybe you found the right Charles (or Ellsworth). I only hird the name Charles. And I know that some relatives said that Serafina Charlotta went to Canada when she emigrated. It´s exiting I think!

Bye! Have a nice day!/Anita:)