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23-12-06, 21:30
Hello everyone!

I have a request for more information about this family:

Mother Anna Anderson, b. 1879, Pedersöre
Son Reinhold Anderson, b. 1903, Pedersöre
Son Ragnar Anderson, b. 1918, Pedersöre

Passengers on S/S Stockholm from Gothenburg to NY Aug 17, 1922 heading for Maine, New Sweden, USA.

Father Leander (b. 1876) was not on the passengerlist, but he also went to the same place. Perhaps he had gone before.

Anna died in 1939, Leander in 1950 in Maine, USA.

Son Reinhold was married in USA, wife unknown. They had at least two sons:

Walter, married Lois Anne Smith on June 21, 19xx. No information about children. Walter was a farmer in Woodland.

Albert, no information about possible family. He visited Finland ab. 1980.

No further information about Ragnar Anderson.

I would appreciate to find out possible descendants.

A Merry Christmas to everybody


Karen Norwillo
24-12-06, 00:19
WWI Draft Registration from 1918, Caribou, Aroonstook, Maine
Leander Anderson, 42, born 14 Dec 1879 in Finland, non-declared, (hasn't applied for citizenship) farming, Anna Louisa Anderson, wife

1930 Census for same place, Aroostook county, Maine
Anderson, Leander, 53, Finland, married at 22, US 1898
Annie, 51, Finn, married at 19, says US 1912?
Arthur, 29, Finn, single, 1912
Regnold, 11, says born Maine
not sure if this is the correct family. Could be more than one Leander and Annie Anderson in Maine. If Regnold is Ragnar, the birth year would be abt 1918-19. Could Arthur be Reinhold's second name? Could the 1922 arrival of Annie and children have been a trip home and they really came first in 1912?

Found a Reinhold Anderson, 11 Oct 1903, died July 1972 in New Sweden, Aroostook, Maine

I'll look further after the holiday. Karen

24-12-06, 09:18

I think you got it! This Arthur (Leander Anderson) was the oldest son in the family, born 1900. It looks like he and dad emigrated first and the rest of the family emigrated later. I have not had any information about Arthur except birthdate before. Your suggestion that 1922 only was a trip to Finland could also be right. I remember some old people talking that way. I have a picture of the family at the railwaystation of Kållby, leaving for America.

Reinhold's second name was Anselm. He visited Finland a couple of times. Old folks still talk about him and there are lots of pictures of him in Finland.

Regnold must be the same as Ragnar. A little silly spelling to me!

I would appreciate if someone could come up with a mailadress or e-mailadress to some living descendant today. I would like to get in contact with them.

Thank you


Karen Norwillo
24-12-06, 17:52
I found Reinhold A Anderson in the 1930 Census in Hartford, CT. Age 26, married at 22, Finland, US 1912, operator machine shop
Wife Vivian E, 28, married at 25, Finland, US 1920
Son Albert R, 1 1/12, CT. No Walter yet, so he was born after 1930 census.
Maine Death Index has Vivian E Anderson, 81, 19 May 1983, Caribou, ME
I will send you a private message with other info.
Nothing more on Ragnar. Do you know his second name?

Karen Norwillo
24-12-06, 23:06
Glad you got my PM. Found Anna and the boys on Ellis Island arriving 20 Mar 1912 on the "Olympic" from Southampton. She was 33, Arthur was 11 and Renhold 9. That's how his name is spelled on the manifest. They are going to husband and father Leander Anderson Box 97 New Sweden, ME. Contact in Finland given as her father Matts Kronqvist, Kållby, Finland. So it would appear that Ragnar was born in US and that's him on the 1930 census, just poor spelling.

28-12-06, 18:57
I thought Regnold would be Reinhold instead Ragnar .What you think about that?

28-12-06, 20:22
Yes, Bert! I think you are right.

Reinhold WAS born in Finland. He even went to school here before emigrating with his mother and brother Artur. This information came from your neighbour, Rode Dahlin.

Ragnar was born in USA. My dad remember him as a little boy when they were in Finland 1922. My father was 4½ years then.

By the way, many thanks for your files. A huge material to look through!


Karen Norwillo
29-12-06, 16:36
Regnold couldn't be Reinhold if it's him and his family in the same 1930 census in CT. Age 11 in 1930 would have this person born abt 1918, the year Ragnar was born. Reinhold was born 1903.

29-12-06, 16:53
Yes, I think it is completely clear about Artur, Reinhold and Ragnar.

I have been wondering why everyone in Finland used the familyname of Kronkvist for Reinhold. All the pictures I have seen have the text: "Reinhold Kronkvist", although his father was ANDERSSON (from Storgård farm in Edsevö). But now I think I understand. Reinhold, Artur and mother (born Kronkvist) lived in Dalabäck together with their grandparents (Kronkvist) while their father lived in USA.

In fact, this is the reason why I have not been able to trace this branch before. I have always searched for Reinhold and Artur Kronkvist. Thanks to an old newspaper notice from USA I could finally determine their surnames.

A Very Happy New Year to everyone! I put a beautiful picture from Pedersöre church in the early Christmas morning service (julotta).


Karen Norwillo
29-12-06, 17:49
What a beautiful picture. I saw the church from the outside when I visited in 2004, but never got to go inside. Thank you.