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25-12-06, 23:53
Hello again!

Another request for a family:

Johan Emil Krohn, b. 1891 in Finland, d. 1947 Duluth
wife Maria Sofia, b. 1875 in Finland, d. Calumet

To America 1910. They had a big family in US (8 children?). I have a photo which could be this couple with 2 small children.

Further information would be appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
26-12-06, 03:06
I found an Emil J Krohn in the MN Death Index
11 Jan 1891, died 26 Oct 1957, not 1947, St Louis County, MN

WWI Draft Registration has Emil Krohn, same birth date in Alston, MI, a declared alien, born Kajala, V. Laan, Finland, a pattern maker, wife and 2 children. No name of wife.

1920 census for Solway Township, St Louis county, MN
Krohn, Emil, 28, US 1910, Finland, farmer
wife Ida M, 28, US 1892, Finland
children Edwin E, 4 2/12, MI
Lillian, 2 10/12, MN
Leo L, 10/12, MN

1930 census Duluth, St Louis, MN
Krohn, Emil, 39, Finn, 1910, pattern maker iron industry
Ida, 38, Finn, 1893
children: Edwin 14, Lillian 13, Leo 11, Elmer 9, Nancy 7, Irving 4 4/12 and Vivian 1 8/12. That makes 7 up to 1930

If this is your Johan Emil, it looks like he used Emil in the US. I couldn't find any reference to a Maria Sofia as his wife. The birth date you gave for her would have her 16 years older than him.
I found an Ida Marie Krohn who died 24 May 1943 in St Louis county, MN.

26-12-06, 11:18
Thanks again Karen! You are wonderful!

It looks like you found the right family. I must have an error in my database about his wife. I have an information in Slškt & Bygd 2005 about him, but no info about his wife.

I have spent some hours this Christmas reading old photos and postcards that have been sent to a lady from my family who died long ago. So much new information comes up this way and I want to clear up the questionmarks.

Happy New Year!


Karen Norwillo
26-12-06, 17:47
There was a John Krohn who died in 1947, but his middle name was Christopher, so I ruled him out.
More info from the MN Death Index:
Edwin E Krohn 16 Oct 1915, died 14 Nov 1966 St Louis County, MN. Mothers maiden name- Jouppi
Elmer Harding Krohn 14 Jan 1921 Munger, MN, died 15 Oct 1997 Maplewood, Ramsey, MN. MMN-Joppi

WWII Army Enlistment, Elmer Harding Krohn same DOB, single, tire rebuilder in civilian life.
US Army Cemeteries, Elmer Harding Krohn, TEC5 US Army WWII
14 Jan 1921-15 Oct 1997
service date 10 Apr 1941-12 Nov 1945
interred 17 Oct 1997 Ft Snelling Nat'l Cemetery, S. Minneapolis, MN. Section V, Site 2885
Shirley L.J.Krohn, wife of Elmer Harding Krohn
15 Sep 1926-8 Aug 1989, interred 11 Aug 1989, Sect V, Site 2885

CA Death Index
Leo L Krohn
10 Feb 1919 MN-11 Aug 1968 Orange County, CA
MMN Jouppi

26-12-06, 21:49
Due to the information in S&B 2005 there were two sons serving in the Korean War.

Karen Norwillo
27-12-06, 17:23
Sent you another PM with info on probable living descendants.
Ancestry.com only has info on Korean War casualties and POW's. Couldn't find a Krohn on those lists, but that doesn't mean they didn't serve, only that they weren't captured or killed. Found one Jered Krohn on the casualty list from CA.

Karen Norwillo
27-12-06, 23:02
From the MNGenWeb/St Louis County/1949 Duluth Phone Book
Krohn, Emil...6116 Raleigh, Calumet 6057. Calumet was a telephone exchange. Wonder if this could be where them living in Calumet came from? Just a thought.

27-12-06, 23:23
I have a picture of a couple with two young daughters. The photo was taken in a studio "Calumet, Mich". The man looks a little like Emil Johan Krohn, so that's why I thought that it could been him.

But the first lady (Maria Sofia) I suggested to be his wife died in Calumet. That's why.

I also found postcards from North Dakota in the same shoe box. It was signed by J E K (Johan Emil Krohn???).

Emilia was Johan Emil's cousin.

Karen Norwillo
28-12-06, 19:46
I think I may have found Ida Jouppi Krohn's family in Laird Township, Houghton, MI in 1900. See what you think.

Joppa (Jouppi), Solomon Jun 1856, 43, married 9 yrs, Fin, 1891, farmer
Johanna, Mar 1870, 30, 5 children, Fin, 1891
Ida, Jul 1891, 8, says born MI, mother was probably pregnant at emigration
Emil A, Jun 1894, 5, MI
Solomon, Jan 1896,4, MI
Lambi, Sep 1897, 2, MI
Olga, Aug 1899, 9/12, MI
Wiegel, August, Oct 1871, 28, brother, married 6 yrs, Fin, day labor
boarders: David Toivonen, May 1860, 40, Fin. Solomon Randa, Jan 1857, 43, Fin and Rano Savomina, Feb 1861, 39, Fin. all railroad workers.

I found Emil A Jouppi's WWI Draft Reg. in Alston, MI, same place as Emil Krohn's. I think Ida was Emil's sister. Ida's daughter Lillian's name was Lillian Johanna Ida Krohn as I sent you on PM.

28-12-06, 20:42
Hello Karen!

I think that Ida's family goes too far for me to verify. Her husband Johan Emil Krohn comes from my grandmother's family and I have more information about his parents.

In fact, I have to accept your suggestion.

You have done a great work in finding his family. I hope I can get in contact with their descendants soon.

Happy New Year!