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29-12-06, 20:40
Missing relatives in USA/Canada, Niemi, Makinen, Honkonen, Honko

Grand children of Eino and Olga Niemi
1.Eino and Olga got married a. In 1906 in USA.
2.Eino was born in Finland
3.Olga Honkonen was born on the 8th of Dec 1884 in Huittinen Finland.
4.Olga's parents: Frans Victor Isacsson Iso-Honko and Vilhelmina Fredrika
5.Eino and Olga had two sons, Eugene and Eino (F?)
6.Address in US Census 1930 1st St, Kinney, Saint Louis MN
7.Eugene was born the 26th of July 1914 in Minnesota and died Jan 1976, last adress 55734 Eveleth, Saint Lois. MN
8.Was Eugene Niemi married and did he have children?
9.Eino (F?) was born in the 18 th of Jan 1916 in Minnesota an died Sep 1993, last address 55734 Eveleth, Saint Lois. MN
10.Eino (F?) Niemi might have had two daughters according the folk memory.
11.Who are those two doughters

David Emil Makinen b. 24.9.1886 Suodenniemi, Finland
1.Parents David Malakias Makinen and Maria Sofia Helin
2.Arrived 19.2.1909/Saint John, NB Canada by boat Empress of Britain fom Liverpool England
3.His destination was eihgter Houghton MI or/and Baltic Mine Mich and he travell companion Ivar Makisalo (16).
4.Might have used name Maki or Hill.

Victor Evert Makinen b. 23.1.1891 Suodenniemi, Finland
1.Parents David Malakias Makinen and Maria Sofia Helin
2.Spouse 1918 Hilda (US Census 1930)
3.SSN 025-01-1899
4.Victor passed away 08 April1981
5.Last address 01602 Worcester MA
6.Hilda passed away 3 Aug 1984/Worcester ?
7.Did they have children?

Frans Alexander Honkonen b. 11 Sept 1882 Huittinen Finland
1.Came to USA via Ellis Island 12.Apr 1906 by s/s Majestic from Liverpool England
2.Destination PB 321 Chisholm MN to see Frans Honko

Frans Honko
1.Left from Hanko Finland to Hancock USA 10 Mar 1900

Karen Norwillo
29-12-06, 22:21
According to the Minnesota Death Index on Ancestry.com, the Eugene Walfred Niemi born 26 Jul 1914 and died 5 Jan 1976, mother's maiden name was Hannuksela.
Eugene Niemi born 18 Oct 1913 and died 27 Jul 1965, mother's maiden name was Honkanen. This should be yours.
The Eino F Niemi 18 Jan 1916 and died 29 Sep 1993, mother's maiden name was Hammerstrom. Did not find an Eino Niemi in index with Honkanen, but they don't always give mother's maiden name, so he could be there.

Karen Norwillo
29-12-06, 23:03
Found Frank Honko (Honkonen) on the WWI Draft Reg. Cards
11 Sep 1882, 36, 284 Kinney, St Louis county, MN, single, deckhand, Pitts. SS Co. Cleveland, OH. nearest contact O. Niemi.
1920 and 1930 census has him in Duluth, St Louis, MN on South 1st Ave East, a rooming house. He is 37 in 1920, 48 in 1930. He's single, a laborer, 1920 says woods. US 1904-1906.
Found a Frank Hanko in MN Death Index, no DOB given, just 26 Nov 1952 in St Louis county, MN.

01-01-07, 17:31
How can you get him in census 20 and 30. My computer can not find them though it finds all ather possible Honkos

Karen Norwillo
02-01-07, 02:11
Sorry. I should have told you I found him listed as Frank Hanko. 1920 and 30, he's in Duluth, St Louis, MN.

18-01-07, 03:54
Perhaps the following sites will be helpful in your search
The St. Louis County MNGenWeb Site
St. Louis County MN Death Index 1950-1974

Last Name First Middle Date of Death Cert. #
HONKO FRANK NA 11/26/1952 1179

MHS (MN Historical Society) Home Page
MHS (MN Historical Society) Online Death Index
Currently, this database indexes the death cards from 1904 to 1907 and the death certificates from 1908 to 2001.
MHS (MN Historical Society) Online Birth Index 1900-1925
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