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Laura Hayden
29-12-06, 23:09

I'm at the very beginning of my genealogy search with my maternal great-grandparents and although I've found quite a bit of information on their lives in the US, so far know nothing prior to their immigration to Michigan's UP in the late 1890's.

My great-grandmother:
Edla Maria Hummelgård Mikelson/Mikkelson
Born Österyttermark, Närpes, 16 January 1875 (?)

My great-grandfather:
Karl Johan (Charles) Andersson Mattfolk
Born Kalaks, Närpes, 3 March 1879

I'm also very interested in learning whatever I can about Närpes and Österbotten history. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


30-12-06, 00:28
Swenson 235 = Michigan, Houghton County, Calumet, Faith Lutheran
Chu. Pos Given names Surname Other data Born Parish Emi

235 c110h Carl Johan Mattfolk Anderson Mar 3 1879 Närpes 1898
235 c110w Edla Maria Michelson Jan 16 1875 Närpes 1899

EDIT: They were also at Dollar Bay with the same information.

This looks like your people so maybe somebody else knows more about the Finnish side of things.
Welcome to sfhs!

Laura Hayden
30-12-06, 03:14

Thank you! Not only for the response but also for the SFHS welcome.

What is the Swenson Swedish Immigrant Center? Those are definitely my great-grandparents, and it gives me a bit of information I couldn't find before -- my great-grandfather's immigration year. I was able to find the record for Edla's journey, and maybe now I can find the record for Charles'.

I should have mentioned that Edla's US contact listed on the SS Derbyshire's manifest is a brother, Mikel Hummelgård, and on the same ship was a Lena Hummelgård (also from Närpes), born about 1876. The latter's US contact was listed as her sister Ida Hummelgård. It's a possibility they could all be related but that's the only mention I've seen so far for Ida, Lena and Mickel.

A 1917 member roster for Wasa Älskling, Baraga, Michigan, does show some possible sisters/female relatives for Charles Mattfolk, all born in Kalaks, Närpes:

Mrs. Charley Hanson (Anna Kristina Mattfolk)
Elizabeth A. Anderson (Elizabeth Mattfolk)
Mrs. Charley Johnson (Hendrika Mattfolk)


30-12-06, 05:16
Swenson is the Swedish Immigration Research Center here in Rock Island. I am a grad of Augustana so have free access. Here's more for you:

Swenson 232 = Michigan, Baraga County, Baraga Zion Lutheran EDIT: corrected to include husband
232 8h Carl Johan Hansen Jun 20 1852 Övermark 1888
232 8w Anna Kristina Oct 27 1864 Närpes 1897

I did not find your Elizabeth A. Anderson (f. Mattfolk) nor Hendrika wife of Charley Johnson.
EDIT: I did find Elizabeth with name of Anna, of Alma and of Alexandra but none with the Anderson surname so likely not yours

If you have more on Elizabeth (what is the A. stand for?), birth dates, etc, that could help out. Some church record entries did not list birth country so they could be there but not shown as born in Finland.
Use my email address:
granskare [at sign] netexpress.net for faster communication. Swenson reopens after New Years.

30-12-06, 07:57
Some information about Närpes.


I will come back leater about Hummelgård and Mattfolk.

Henrik Mangs

30-12-06, 12:32
Here is some information, if yoy ar interestid of more information you can contact me with Private e-mail.
Hummelgård, Edla Maria Mickelsdotter.
Born 16/1 1875 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Father Hummelgård, Mickel Jakobsson.
Born 28/8 1829 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1846-52 p3/157).
Died 7/6 1884 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Mother Gull, Anna Stina Danielsdotter.
Born 4/6 1837 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Died 18/2 1881 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1877-83 p3/475).
Married to.
Mattfolk, Karl Johan "Charles" Andersson.
Born 10/3 1879 in Kalax Närpes.
Father: Rusk, Anders Karlsson.
Born 22/1 1839 in Kalax Närpes.
Mother: Råtts, Lena Greta Hansdotter.
Born 28/6 1842 in Pjelax Närpes (Närpes Kb 1846-52 p2/209).
Died 23/11 1895 in Kalax Närpes.

Henrik Mangs

Laura Hayden
30-12-06, 19:07
Hej Chuck and Henrik,

I'm astounded -- thank you so much!

And yes, I'd love to learn more about this branch of my family, so will contact each of you through email/private mail.


28-01-07, 18:40
I am trying to trace what happened to the children of Anders Henrik (1852-1929) and Cajsa Stina (1844-1891) Hummelgård.
This is what I know:
Johanna Ingeborg 1874-1925 Married Simon Pederson 1900 Lived in Ludington, Mason, MI. At least two daughters, Olga and Eva.
Erik Olof 1877- To US 1897
Ida Karolina 1879- To US 1903, went to sister Johanna in Ludington
Johan Alfred 1887-1918 Died in WW1 in France
Karl Oskar 187-1928 Died in US

Esa Tuuri

28-01-07, 19:26
Anders Henrik Hummelgård (1852-1929)
1.Merrid to
Kaisa Stina Bomberg (1844-1891)
2.Merrid to
Josefina Wilhelmina Gullmes (1854-1943)
Johan Adrian "Koll-Addrin" Hummelgård (1894-1974).
he lived in Ö:Yttermark Närpes and a family with 5 boys and 1 girl.
Henrik Mangs