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30-12-06, 22:49
K. A Kantola emmigrated between 1865 and 1889 when he married Ida Alexandra Lindberg from northern Sweden. His son Karl Johan Kantola was born in 1890-08-23, but I don´t know where. Idas mother visited them in 1892, but returned to Sweden before 1905. They all returned to Finland before 1899 when he was settled down in Kemijärvi in northern Finland.

Hope that someone can help me


31-12-06, 03:47
FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0 Sweden
Family Group Record
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Kaarla Aleksanteri Kantola Pedigree

Birth: 07 MAY 1865 Of, Sodankyla, Lappi, Finland
Marriage: 17 AUG 1889
Death: 20 JAN 1927 Kemijarvi, Lappi, Finland


Ida Alexsandra Lindberg Pedigree

Birth: 15 SEP 1870 Neder Tornea, , Norrbotten, Sweden
Marriage: 17 AUG 1889
Death: 30 JUN 1955 Kemijarvi, Lappi, Finland

Father: Petter Salomonsson Family
Mother: Thecla Nathalia Ronnqvist
1. Kaarla Johan Kantola Pedigree

Birth: 23 AUG 1890 Kemijarvi, Lappi, Finland
Death: 28 APR 1958

2. Unavailable

Maybe this will be of some use to you and welcome to sfhs,

31-12-06, 11:08
I have already that information.
But they can´t find him in Sodankylä, and I have information that K J Kantola was born iUSA not in Kemijärvi. I belive it´s so, because his mother was in USA 1887 and his parents married in 1889 and his grandmother went to USA for a short time in 1892.
Why would she do that and leave her husband home in Sweden? and then come back.
Her namn is Teckla Nathalia Rönnquist/Tikka/Hermansdotter and she emmigrated in 1892, she lived in Northern Sweden and was born 1839.

I can´t find her in swedish emmigration lists or in american immigration lists.

How can I find then?
If I find Teckla in immigrations lists it probably will show her final destination, the county where her daughter and family lived.

I have search in ancestry but have not found them

Hope that someone can help me.

31-12-06, 11:30
Ah, your posting suggested that you had not known very many details plus nothing about USA so if you have something about the town and state in USA, that would be helpful. because I just assumed the visit of grandmother was to Sweden or maybe to Finland.
I think some more information would be very helpful - we have ppl at this place would are much better at finding ppl at online sources than I.
I found at Siirtolaisuusinstituutti, etc. this guy.
Kantola Carl 14.01.1903
and these guys [Kalle = Karl]
Kantola Kalle 30.03.1901
Kantola Kalle 23.03.1901
Kantola Kalle 14.01.1903
I can also search Swedish and a few Finnish church records if you know where in America.
at castlegarden.org are these Kantola people:
First name Last name Occupation Age Sex Arrived Origin Ship
A.k. Kantola Servant, Gentleman's Servant 20 F 21 Sep 1895 Finland Saint Louis
Alex Kantola Farmer 22 M 5 Jul 1890 Finland Aller
Anshelm Kantola Farmer 28 M 22 Apr 1890 Russia Ems
Heike Kantola Laborer 19 M 17 May 1893 Finland Anchoria
Henrik Kantola Laborer 27 F 5 Jul 1890 Finland Aller
Matts Kantola Mason 26 M 15 May 1889 Finland Wyoming
Nicolai-carlson Kantola Laborer 22 M 22 Apr 1889 Finland Ems
Victor Kantola Laborer 21 M 18 Jul 1893 Finland Kaiser Wilhelm Ii
Wlad. Kantola Laborer 30 M 5 Jul 1889 Germany Spain
I don't think any of these fit you and I saw none at Ellis Island either.

31-12-06, 12:44
I don´t know where in America then where, I thought if I could find Teckla´s immigrationspapers it would show her final destination in America.

I got all this information from Kemijärvi parish.

All I know is Ida´s anbd Thecla´s emmigrationdates and Karl Johan´s birthday.


05-01-07, 12:01
Just a bit more and maybe you don't know of it.
From Norrbotten 1890 census:
In Neder-Torneå residence of Nikkala, we find a husband named Alexander Rask born 1831 in Neder-Kalix parish which appears to be within Neder-Torneå in some fashion.
Thekla Natalia Tikka is shown as his wife born 1839 in Neder-Torneå parish.

I did not find surnames Rönnqvist nor Hermansdotter so if you have more information on that, please provide it here. It could help a person who does the online stuff better than I.
You also state Ida's mother traveled to America in 1892. It would be useful to us if we knew how you knew that.

Also, I did not find Thekla traveling from Trondheim as Tikkka or Rask.


10-01-07, 00:47
I went to Swenson today to use the "emibas" group of cds to see if I could find your ancestors departing Sweden.

Unfortunately I did not find anybody with Tikka, Hermansdotter, Rönnqvist or Kantola - even Kandola - surnames who fit you. This would suggest a departure from perhaps Denmark or Germany or a Norwegian port other than Trondheim.

Perhaps somebody here could check the Finnish page for travelers? I had looked but not on the paid site.


13-01-07, 00:57
I looked at Norrbotten, Neder Torneå inflyttade and utflyttade records and found that, Thekla (or Tecla) did depart the parish in 1892 as you stated so that's nothing new but the new thing is that she returned to the same Swedish parish in 1896.
She traveled both directions as:
Rask, Tecla Natalia (in 1892) going to Nord Amerika
Rask, Tekla Natalia (in 1896) coming from Amerika
So armed with this information, I tackled emibas looking for Rask - found nobody so tried Trondheim and several other Norwegian ports without luck, and no luck in the Danish port. The Finnish migration site did not show her name amongst the many Rask ppl who left that country.

About the only thing I can come up with is that her surname of Rask was really illegible so you could check by going thru all of the R surnames at ancestry. It's a tedious task for sure. If you do come up with a state, I can check USA/Canada Swedish church records for birth of Karl Johan Kantola.


13-01-07, 12:49
Thank you for your help.

13-01-07, 19:08
Here are scans of the 1890 census, the 1892 departure and 1896 return.

14-01-07, 20:33
I know the marriage date for Karl Alexander and Ida Alexandra, it was 1889-08-17. Would it help you?
I know that the states is big but is there somewhere you can find informations like that whithout searching every county.
The birth of Karl johan was 1890-08-23.

14-01-07, 23:10
We are searching for the proverbial " needle in a haystack".
We know now that Thekla (Tecla, Tekla) did travel from Norrbotten in 1892 as you said and returned in 1896. In both instances destination and departure place was Amerika but we do not know that she did actually make that journey.
I went back to search the Norwegian ports, all of them, but did not find her. I likewise did the same for Denmark and Finland - notbing. Perhaps she went from Sweden to Germany on a small vessel departing from Haparanda or a small village. She did not show up on emibas which is a most complete and I have to say the most sophisticated software I have seen. But, having said that, I do recall finding a man who could not be found on the digital emibas. I found him on the earlier films that Swenson center possesses. I think I will go back to Swenson next week and visit those films.
I will report what I find from that visit.
Meanwhile, perhaps some of our better net searchers can come up with more data?


16-01-07, 21:17
Bottom line: I found nobody at Swenson that fit Tecla Rask. I searched these sources:
films Göteborg, 1892, 1893 and 1894.
films Malmö for 1892 and 1893.
film 1892 Kalmar to Breman
film 1886-1893 Stockholm departures
film 1892, 1893 Korrköping departures
film 6-1892 thru 12-1892 Kristiania (Oslo)

Emibas is not fully completed so perhaps in the next edition, Tecla may appear. I also checked the film Göteborg Finnish emigrants 1869-1884 on the off chance that the Kantolas would appear. They did not show up there.

Perhaps somebody with full access to the Finnish migration site might look for Karl Alexander Kantola?

That's it for Swenson unless somebody can come up with a USA/Canadian location to search further.


15-02-07, 10:42
Karl Alexander Eriksson/Erkkinpoika Kantola emigrated in 1887 och went back in 1896. Hope that can give you some help.

16-02-07, 16:05
Karl Johan hade sibblings born i America:

Gustav Edvard 1892
Eva Alina 1893
Hilda Karolina 1895

Acording to Familysearch there were more kids born in Amercia but they probably died in America because they are not with the family in 1896 when they return to the old country. There are no names for those kids.

Hope that gives you some help.


16-02-07, 18:00
Hi Helena,
Again, if you are unable to give an American town and state or Canadian place, we are unable to help you.

Marita R-K
07-02-11, 20:27

Are you still searching information on Karl Kantola? I have information on his wife´s sister Ida Josefina Lindberg, who also emigrated to Michigan, USA and moved to Finland with his husbond John Rimpi. I went to Calumet, Michigan, two years ago and found Karl`s marriage lisence.

Regards, Marita

07-02-11, 22:52
Yes i´m still interested in information about him and his family. Thank you for your help.

Marita R-K
08-02-11, 21:09
Karl Kantola and Ida Aleksandra Lindberg were married in Osceola, Houghton county, Michigan. Ida`s name is Hilda in marriage license. Her sister Ida Josefina Lindberg lived in Swedetown, Calumet in the years 1890-1895. If I`m right, the Osceola is quite near Calumet, which was a big international mining city in those days. There were lot of mines around that area.

I neighter have information on their mother or her second husband in USA. I neighter have found Carl Johan`s birth certificate, because they were not available freely in the County Clerk`s office in Houghton. A new information for me is that the family stayed in USA until 1896 and the couple had more children born, there. I have information on their children born in Kemijärvi, but I guess you already have that?

Hilda`s sister Ida Josefina moved with her family to Kestilä, Finland in 1895. I have seen a photo of her and her sister, but don´t know if the other person is Hilda.

Regards, Marita

Karen Norwillo
09-02-11, 21:13
Here's the image for that marriage. Note they have Kandola instead of Kantola. I tried searching for that birth, but none found on Family Search.

11-02-11, 13:56
How can you be sure that Carl Kandola and Hilda Lindberg is the same the I´m looking for?
Ida Alexandras mother was in USA 1892-1896 when she return to Sweden and his husband.
Where can I search for Karl Johans birth?

11-02-11, 13:57
I´m just looking for relatives that are connected to my husband not sisters och brothers.

11-02-11, 14:33
Can this be Ida alexandra. The age is right and she left Sweden one month before this ship came into the USA.
and the part about russia. she could have started from an russian port.

Hilda Alxandra Lindberg,
age 18 years
occupation: helper
Ship: Circassia
arrived 16/7 1889
country: russia
Port of departure: Glasgow and moville
Country of birth: russia

11-02-11, 16:21
Soory It´s only written Hilda NOT alexandra.

Karen Norwillo
11-02-11, 17:19
If you look at that marriage register, note mother of bride given as T Ronquist. You need to click on the image more than once to enlarge it more. As for listed as Russia, not unusual, Finland was under Russian rule at that time. Several of my emigrant Finn ancestors are listed as Russian. Some WWI Draft Cards even list Finn men as Mongolian.

11-02-11, 17:52
Idas mother is named Tecla Rönnquist. I have enlarged it. Yes, I know about Finland and Russia so I´m not surprised. Wich ports had boats to Glasgow or Scotland?

11-02-11, 20:08
In the marriagecertificate it´s said:
Carl Kandola, white, Osceola michigan, Finland, euf(?), labour, father, mother, ?, JG (?) Wikander pastor, Konrad Rantilla, Calumet
Hilda Lindberg, White, Osceola mich, Sweden, hirdgirl (?), father, mother, ?,

What is euf and what is written after the mother´s name and is it JG wikander or what are his initials?

Karen Norwillo
11-02-11, 21:28
Reading across
626=number in book, Aug 17 1884=date they took out license, names of groom and bride, ages, white, Osceola, Mich, Finland, Eup=probably Europe, Sweden, Europe, laborer, hired girl, his father Erith Kandola (maybe Erick) mother G C Belganin, Her father Peter Lindberg,mother T Ranquist sp, none, Aug 17 1889 (day they married), Osceola (place), JG Nikander pastor, Konrad Rantilla and Herman Seppala (witnesses) Calumet and Osceola (where the witnesses were from) I believe the "none" meant they weren't married before.

11-02-11, 21:40
ok, thank you. You mean that the took out the licence 1889 not 1884. 5 years before they met?
His parents Erik Kantola and Greta Carolina Suopangi and her parents Johan Peter Tikka (her stepfather was namned Lindberg for a while) and Tecla Nathalia Rönnquist.

Could it be J.K Nikander?

Juho Kustaavi Nikander or Johan Gustav Nikander in Swedish

One immigrant, mission pastor J. K. Nikander of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, headquartered in Hancock, wanted to ensure seminary training in America. He had observed that Swedish and Finnish immigrants along the Delaware River did not train new ministers, and he feared a loss of Finnish identity.

This is from an artical about historical places in Hougton county.

Karen Norwillo
11-02-11, 22:42
Sorry, I hit a wrong key. That should of course be 1889. I found the arrival of J G Nikander pastor to US in 1884. I'm sure it's the same man. Probably used the G for Gustaf. He was travelling with a syster. His destination was Hancock, MI which is in Houghton county.

12-02-11, 10:15
No problem. Thank you. I could still like to find Karl Johans birth to ensure that it was in Michigan.
Where can I find that?
I´m willing to pay for finding it and to receive it so thats not a problem.
And still find where Ida and Carl emmigrated from.
Ida can be the Hilda I found earlier travelling from Glasgow but still how did she came to Scotland and where did she meet Carl? They married just 1 month after she arrived in USA so....
But he emmigrated in 1887 from the answer I got from Finland so they can´t have met on the boat. Is it common to get married 1 month after you met?

Karen Norwillo
12-02-11, 23:11
I don't know if you have this, but I found Karl and Ida Alexandra Lindberg on the 1891-1900 rippi for Sodankylä. He is at the top of the page, she is in the middle.

Karen Norwillo
13-02-11, 04:34
Do you think this may have be a possibility? It's the arrival of a Hilda Lindberg to Hull, England 28 Jun 1889 on the "Romeo". Says she's from Finland, but it's found on Ancestry.com under Gothenburg, Sweden Passenger Lists. This would be the feeder ship that brought her to England. She would have been on another to come to US. This happened. People arriving in Hull were transported by train to Glasgow and left from there.

13-02-11, 11:41
I haven´t seen this beofre. So thank you. But this is to after they came back to Finland. So why are they not together in the text. 1891 they were in USA and came back 1896 married and had children. So where are the children?

13-02-11, 11:43
Thank you. I´m still comfused by the different name. But The Hilda Lindberg that arride in USA left glasgow 4/7 1889 so the dates are ok.
But I will check it up. Thank you!

Marita R-K
13-02-11, 19:31
I´m confused Ida Alexandra´s leaving to USA, because I have two information on that, 19.6.1889 and 14.6.1887. Which one is correct? The first one I´ve got from the Provincial Archives of Härnosand, Sweden.

I think the birth record for Carl Johan should be found from the Houghton County Clerks office, if he was born in Houghton County, Michigan. When I visited that office and ordered birth records for Ida Josefina Lindberg`s two children, only Wilhelm Rudolf b. 1892 was found, but not Lempi b. 1894, allthough the family sure lived in the area. So, I was suggested if Lempi was born in another county? Or there may be some other reasons for missing record? After all, I recommend to ask Carl Johan`s birth record from the county clerk`s office in Houghton.

Regards, Marita

Karen Norwillo
13-02-11, 21:22
Might I suggest another possibility. Swenson Center at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL has records from the two Finn/Swede churches in Houghton county. Salem Lutheran in Hancock, member directory 1900- and Faith Lutheran, formerly Carmel Swedish Lutheran in Calumet. Here is the website www.augustana.edu/Documents/swenson/rrform.pdf. It will give you the option of filling it out online or printing it and mailing it. There is a fee and may take 2+months for an answer. They do acknowledge receipt of your query. I have a search pending for myself right now. I've used them many times. Our Chuck Mäki here on Finlander is a member there. The first church is the one Rev Nikander organized.
Be sure to include that he married them, dates, full names, and date of the child's birth. I would include both name possibilities for Ida/Hilda.

13-02-11, 22:31
Ok, thank you borth. I have sent a mail to Chuck with the new information I have.
The first is the right. But I also got the information that she left 1887 but Karen says she left in 1889 from the "utflyttade" (people that have left the county) in Nedertorneå.
19/6 can match the Hilda that left inwith the boat Romeo. From others I have received information that Hilda left with an Erik Sandsten from Nedertorneå and they travelled together all the way to Calumet, MI.

Marita R-K
27-02-11, 20:16
Where did you find these children names and birth years? I couldn`t find them at FamilySearch, but would be interested in the records, because they might show the place where they were born?

Regards, Marita

28-02-11, 22:58
This is one of them I hope.
In Swedish she is named Hilda Karolina and I had no more information then that she was born 1895 but this looks promising:

Name: Hilda Caroline Kentola
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date:
Baptism/Christening Place:
Birth Date: 13 Nov 1895
Birthplace: Osceola Twp, Houghton, Michigan
Death Date:
Name Note:
Father's Name: Charles Kentola
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Hilda Kentola
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C73780-4
System Origin: Michigan-ODM
Source Film Number: 1008259
Reference Number:

I have tried to find the two others but not even with the name Kentola.