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Asle Hansen
31-12-06, 09:12
Hi everybody I'm from Norway.

My Grandmother is from Harrstöm,Korsnäs,
Her name is Henrika Johansdotter Mattans.
Her father is Johan Mattson Mattans, and her mother is Kajsa Andersdotter Ström.

I have some of the ancestors of Johan but I am lacking the ancestors of Kajsa.

I would like some help if anyone has any info to share, I am also willing to share information regarding ancestors or decendants.
I have info of decendants of Henrika.

Regards from Norway

31-12-06, 22:17
Hi Asle

This is taken from Hiski and could be the parents of Kajsa. The christened of Korsnäs ends at 1850, so maybe Kajsa is born after that.
Korsnäs - married

Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

19.11.1841 drg And. Mattss Ström dej. Cajsa Josephsdr Kronbacka

Korsnäs - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

29.8.1841 2.9.1841 Taklax Dr. And. Mattss Ström l. Träskvik Förel. brud. Caisa Träskvik Anna Maja

22.10.1842 23.10.1842 Harrstr. Tp.s. And. Mattss Ström Caisa Anders

12.12.1843 17.12.1843 Harrstr. Ih. Anders Mattss Ström Caisa Anders

29.7.1845 3.8.1845 Harrstr. Ingels Ih.m.s. skom. And. Mattss Ström Caisa Josefsdr 25-30 Johan

19.3.1848 25.3.1848 Harrstr. Ingels Skom. And. Mattss Ström Kaisa Josefsdr Josef

5.9.1850 9.9.1850 Harrstr. Ingels Ih. Anders Mattss Ström Kaisa Josefsdr Beata Sof.

Is this Johans parents?
Korsnäs - christened

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

3.11.1842 6.11.1842 Harrstr. B.m. Matts Johs. Mattans Anna Gr. Isaacsdr Johan

24.8.1848 27.8.1848 Harrstr. Ih. Matts Mattans An. Greta Rösberg Johan

Regards from
Christina Nordback

Asle Hansen
01-01-07, 16:49
The date of brith of Kajsa Andersdotter Ström is 25.10.1851.

Johan and Kajsa where cousins it looks like it is the father of Kajsa and the mother of Johan that is siblings.

The mother of Johan is called Anna Greta Mattsdotter Ström.

Asle Hansen
04-01-07, 19:21
Thank you for the info.

I will continue the thread here: