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Diane Knutson
04-01-07, 22:20
Last night I came across an old posting on RootsWeb that had my grandfathers name on it . The email addresses are no longer working, so I had a dead end there.
The woman was looking for information about someone named Caorlina Gullans but had listed that she was related to :

Karl Henrik Gabrielsson Gullans b jan. 01, 1828 Narpes Finland, married Vilhelmia Henrksdotter, b feb, 23, 1838, Narpes Finland.

Karl Henrik Gulland b July 12, 1850, Finland d. Nov. 4, 1918 Vassa, Finland, married Marie Henrikadotter Ojala b Dec. 11, 1852, Lappfjard, Finland.

Grandson (My Grandfather)
Josep Henrik Gullans (Henry C. Gulland) b Dec. 26, 1873 Lappfjard Finland, d. July 1937, North Dakota.

The response was from a Gail Rapoza. She stated that she had found information in a book called “Pa den gamla goda tiden,” Overmark 1989, which she said was the parish for Narpes.

She found Carl Henrik Gabrielsson Ragvals, b 14-01-1828 who was a child of Anna Grets Johansdotter Ragvals, b 11-12-1799 on Ragvals farm d. 03-09-1868 on the Ragvals farm and Gabriel Hansson, b 12-01-1793 in Ostermark, died 28.11.1871 on Ragvals farm.

My question is, would anyone have this book or know of someone that might? Do you have any idea on where to go from here to verify that this is my family.

05-01-07, 20:34
Hi Diane,
Here is a site for the book you are looking for.

http://www.bookfinder.com/dir/i/Sa_Var_Det_For_Trasnidaren_Herman_Rosell_Berattar_ I_Skurna_Bilder_Om_Livet_I/9171602844/


05-01-07, 20:38
Hi Diane,
Here is one more site.



05-01-07, 22:44
Hi Diane
On the westside-forum http://www.qnet.fi/westside/discus/messages/board-topics.html
someone asked for this book in 2004, and the answer was, you can buy it from Overmark sparbank. I don´t know how it´s today.
Put your question at that forum too.

I found the adress to Övermark Hembygdsförening

Övermark Hembygdsförening
Tunavägen 14,
64610 Övermark

I have sent you a private message too.

Christina Nordback

Kaj Granlund
05-01-07, 23:46
Gail Rapoza is my relative. And I had problems with her email address. After my computer crashed and my addressbook was partly damaged I haven't been able to get in contact with her in Texas. If anybody can find her address or email could you please send me a private message?

06-01-07, 13:14
Hi Kaj,
I sent you a private message with her phone and address.