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12-01-07, 10:51

Could anyone give me e-mailadress or snailmailadress to some of theese relatives born in Minnesota:

Robert Loren Fraser
Richard Leroy Fraser
Harriet Ruth Fraser
All born to William John Fraser and Lillian Ida Johanna Krohn in St Louis county, MN between 1937 and 1942

Marilyn Audrey Moore
Joyce Nancy Moore
Edith Janice Moore
All born to Marvin Wilbur Moore and Nancy Lempe Krohn in St Louis county, MN between 1944 and 1946

Possible replies as private messages are appreciated


William Dahlin
12-01-07, 23:58
...sorry, but too much possibly living relatives in this posting. I had to remove the data. Send PM to the participants in the discussion if you want to know details about these "Krohn relatives"


13-01-07, 10:08
Thanks Bill!

I think that you don't know exactly who theese people are, but they are also your 4th cousins through the Forsbacka-line (Lappfors). As you see, the same way that we two are related.

Thank you for this information. I received their exact birthdates from Karen Norwillo some weeks ago, but I did not put it into FF because they are supposed to be living individuals and therefore their personalities perhaps should be kept from publicity.

If I only could get e-mailadresses to some of them I could perhaps get more information about theese cousins.


William Dahlin
13-01-07, 15:27
Birth records in USA are available to the public. Same as
death records, marriage records etc.

I did not have any luck in picking up mailing address on
any of these. Only birth records came up. Census records for 1940 won't be available until 2012. They would give additional
information. If I find anything I will let you know.

20-01-07, 13:42
Have you ever tried this site for searching? I found most of the names on here. http://www.whitepages.com/



20-01-07, 17:37

Yes, I have sometimes looked in it and also had some success. But often I am surprised how many individuals with the same name you can find in the same state of USA.

In this case I have not had any success so far.


20-01-07, 20:34
I private messaged you information on your Krohn relatives. What I did in some cases is went back and forth between what I found on Ancestry, and the white pages site, figured out names, ages, and was able to connect which one's were the correct names for you to contact. I believe all of them to be the right relatives.


P.S. Yes, it can be a bit confusing when there are so many with the same name in one state! :)

20-01-07, 21:15
Thanks Denise!

You made a great work! So many adresses to relatives is a big surprise for me! I will write some of them and perhaps get more exact information about their branches.

It will be interesting to see what they perhaps know about their past. Often my relatives in USA are very surprised to hear that they are Finnish. Most of them think that they are Swedish.

You are so helpful! Thank you!


21-01-07, 03:27
Hi Christian,
You are very welcome! Hope you make connections with family!

Best Regards,

08-02-07, 20:10
Your information about adresses have given result. My "new" cousins were very amazed how I was able to find them and we have been corresponding by e-mail. Much new information has been shared.

Thanks to all my good friends and especially to Denise this time!