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16-01-07, 14:59
Pedro Gonzales was a Mexican robber way back when a horseless carriage would stay put an real men used water only for washing, which they didn't do very often…

Pedro snuck over the Rio Grande over to Texas every other night, robbed a train or a stage coach and snuck back into the relative safety of Mexico.

Finally the sheriff of Laredo put out a wanted poster, promising a 10 000 $ reward for Pedro, dead or alive.

Tex was big as a barn door, fast with his gun and out of money. So he decided to cash in on Pedro. He crossed the Rio Granden one evening and soon he found Pedro drinking tequila in a cantina.

Tex kicked the door open and stormed in ready to draw.

"Hey Pedro! You tell me at once where you have hid your loot or I'll shoot a hole in your liver!"

"Que?" said Pedro who didn't know one word of English. And Tex didn't speak Spanish

But there happened to be a bilingual lawyer in the bar.

"Pardon med gentlemen. May I be of assistance?" he said.

Acting as interpreter he told Pedro what Tex had just said.

"Oh, I have hid all the money in the cemetary in the grave with no name beside that big oak tree", Pedro explained.

"Well! What did he say?" Tex shouted.

"He said that you couldn't hit a barn wall even if you were inside the barn, you dirty Gringo, so go for your gun", said the lawyer…