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16-01-07, 16:37
Hi everyone,

I've heard that the card game "pidro" was invented i USA and came to Finland with some peolpe from Österbotten perhaps Karleby or Nedervetil returning to their homeland. I would like to know if this is true and also who they were.

June Pelo
16-01-07, 17:55

I found this website about the game. Perhaps you could contact Thomas Sundell to see if he can answer your questions.



16-01-07, 21:47
Originally the game was called "Pedro". And originated in the USA. It is still a most popular game in Gamlakarleby. When I was working as a reporter with the Österbottningen newspaper in the late 1970-ies we played Pidro with the typesetters every night during the coffee brake. (Now there are no coffee brakes and no typsetters any more in the the newspaper industry).

The rules and history of the game you can find here:


It seems simple, but can be complicated enough and a source of endless discussions after each game about what you should have done not to spoil the game for your partner och what would have happended if you had made your bid in clubs instead of spades …


17-01-07, 07:57
For those interested of the card game pidro there is an on-line version of the pidro card game. You can find all on this page (http://www.pidro.net/). Behind the "Ladda ner" -link you may download a small Java application for Windows or Mac/Linux and after that start playing with the card game client.

It is recommendable to register an own identity "Registrera dig" - otherwise you would always be seen as kind of a guest in the system.

This on-line game is highly recommendable. A very social game also.

I have been playing every now and then and in my experience there has been lots of other people than Swedish-Finns from the Karleby area. Of course there are lots of Finnish speakers from the area, but also other areas in Finland are finding the game. Many times I have had the opportunity to play with and against "foreigners", among others several Americans.

Maybe we shall meet over the virtual game table? Look for my identity "Gumilande" and come and play with me or against me.

Btw - "Gumilande" is one of the nicknames Ostrobothnian youngsters used for the area in the south of Finland. People in the south were from this "Rubberland"... Now I as an Ostrobothnian live in this Rubberland...