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18-10-03, 14:23

I found this article about the current virus situation.

Link to the article (http://www.macobserver.com/editorial/2003/08/29.1.shtml)

The author concludes:
71000 known virii
579 affect the Mac
553 of these 579 are MS Office macro-based (ie. enabled because of holes in the MS Office suite)
remaining 26 of these 579 work only under Classic (The old Mac operating system)
0 affect OSX (the current system)

He also writes: "Getting back to the original question of why there are so few viruses for the Mac, my response is simple: Does it really matter? Let's assume that the naysayers are correct, that the only reason is because "no one bothers" to crack into the Mac OS. Even if this is the case (which I doubt)...SO WHAT? If I live in a neighborhood with an extremely low crime rate, I really don't care WHY the burglars stay away. Maybe I have good locks on my doors. Maybe they don't like the stuff in my house. Bottom line, Ill still sleep better at night...

This describes pretty good why I use the Mac!

18-10-03, 14:37

You know just as well as I do that the primary reason to use a Mac is not that it's virus free. That's just an extra bonus.

I have preferred the Mac since 1984 and have been an active user since 1990, because it's so darned easy to use in comparison with a Windows machine (even though the Windows user interface has improved it is still miles away from Mac Os 9 or X)

I don't know if "commercials" like this are allowed in Finlnader, but I could not resist it.