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Kaj Granlund
21-01-07, 18:56
Any information of:

Otto Erland WILSON (In Finland: Knus), born 03 Nov 1876 in Lappfjärd, Finland emigrated 1899 to Worcester MA USA, moved to Norwood MA in ??. Married 14 Sept1897Albertina Mattsdotter Nupula, born 18-JAN-1875 in Yli-Villamo, Storå, Finland.
I. Hilma Oliva Wilson , born 23-04-1897, emigr 03-SEPT-1908 to Worcester, MA USA.
II. Selma Alvina Wilson , born 27-01-1900 in Lappfjärd, emigr 03-09-1908 till Worcester, MA USA.
III. Carl Walter Erland Wilson, born 11-11-1911 i Worcester MA. USA, bapt. 30-DEC-1911.

Would like to trace them in Norwood, MA. Any information in censuses or Lutheran churcrecords?

Not able to check the censuses, but is it possible they moved back to Worchester, MA? But checking anchestry.com there seems to be a Otto and Albertina living there in 1930.

22-01-07, 16:54
From the Census 1920

Karen Norwillo
22-01-07, 17:39
Carl W Wilson, born 11 Nov 1911, died 30 Sep 1978, last residence Millbury, Worcester, MA...SSDI and Mass. Death Index

Karen Norwillo
22-01-07, 17:56
1930 Census, line 86, Sutton, Worcester, MA

Wilson, Otto, 53, Finland, Swedish, US 1899, pipe cutter sprinkler factory, wife Albertina, children Carl W, 18, general laborer
Lillian S, 13
grand-daughters: Dorthy J, 11 and Helen G, 8
Strange, this census has Dorthy as a grand-daughter, not daughter. Error or are Dorthy and Helen maybe Selma's?

Kaj Granlund
22-01-07, 20:52
Strange abt Dorothy indeed. But in the census 1920 isn't she marked as daugheter there. But could also be Selmas...

Karen Norwillo
23-01-07, 17:25
Found Otto Wilson in the Mass. Death Index
Otto Wilson 3 Nov 1876, died May 1963
Also found his WWI Draft Card.
Otto Aland Wilson, age 41, born Nov 3, 1876, Finland
alien, machinist Rockwood Sprinkler Co.
wife Mrs. Albertina Wilson, 40 Wilton St. Worcester, MA
signed with an X, someone else wrote his name.

Karen Norwillo
23-01-07, 19:16
Found Otto's arrival in June 1899 on the "New England" Dominion Lines from Liverpool arriving Boston. He is line #2 under name
Otto Knus, says married, I think, written over, hard to see, age 23, Finland, Lappfjärd, going to brother Johan and friend Emil Gustafson, Quincy, MA

1908 arrival for Albertina Knuus, age 33, Finland, Swedish, Lappfjärd, says going to husband Johan Willson in Worcester.
Daughters, Hilma, 11 and Selma, 8. They are on the "Cymric" arriving Boston Oct 1908.
Curious, husband Johan. Could Albertina have been married to Johan first, then Otto? That mighy explain the age differences between Selma and Carl. I couldn't find the family in the 1910 census yet.

Kaj Granlund
25-01-07, 15:43
No she wasn't married to John/Johan cause he was already married. But I think Otto lived in the same house as his brothers family. So maybe that's is some missunderstanding of her destination...

Karen Norwillo
27-01-07, 16:42
I found John and Otto in 1906 in a directory in Norwood, MA. They lived at 44 Sturtevant Ave. Norwood, Norfolk county, MA. They worked in a paper mill.
So far I can't find them in 1910. Do you know Johan's wife's name? I found a John Wilson and wife Mina in Worcester in 1910,Children Annie 15, Selma 12 and Walter 10. Says he's a railroad engineer. Found them in 1900 also. His DOB, Dec 1872, hers Sep 1870, Annie Feb 1895 and Selma Oct 1897. There is an Otto Hendricson living with him, but DOB is Mar 1878. Also says he's single, so I ruled him out as the Otto you seek.

Kaj Granlund
27-01-07, 16:54
You have the right John in Worcester, MA. The wife Mina is my great aunt. John obviously lived for some time in Norwood where his brother-in-law lived. And that Otto Henricsson doesn't seem to be the same cause the name of the father of Otto I'm looking for was Viktor (Victor)- that's obviously why they changed their names to Wilson.
But it is quite possible that the Otto Hen.son. is from the Knus family cause there is a neighbour in Finland called Otto who had a father named Henrik. In that's case this Otto returned cause he died in Finland during WWI

Karen Norwillo
27-01-07, 21:53
I went back and looked at Otto's arrival in June 1899 and a few lines below his entry were Wilhelmina and Ani Knus. Mina was 28 and Ani 1. Going to husband and father Johan. 1900 census gives Annie's birth as 1895. Maybe that 1 is really a 4 on the ships manifest. Writing is poor.

Kaj Granlund
28-01-07, 12:05
Karen Thanks
And there is no mentioning of Selma (daugheter of Johan and Mina/Wilhelmina) in the ships manifest. Wilhelmina returned back to Finland to give birth to Ani and obviously returned to USA with Otto her brother-in-law.