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18-10-03, 17:53
Searching for details on Johan Trastlund from Lohtaja. He was born ~1720 and died in Lohtaja Sep 30, 1804. He married 1st Anna Sigfridsdr (Siffisdr?) date unknown. She was born ~Jan 25, 1719 died Feb 8, 1760 in Lohtaja. They had at least 2 children (Susanna, Lisa Eliasdr Berlin-Tikkanen's mother) and Johan.

He remarried to Margareta Johansdr April 21, 1761 in Lohtaja. She was born 1739 (I believe in Kälviä) and died Apr 9, 1809 in Lohtaja. They had 3 children: Brita, Johannes & Margareta.

Can't seem to locate birth records on any of these 3 people on Hiski. Does anyone have them in their records?

I made the connection from Lisa Eliasdr Berlin-Tikkanen to Trastlund because of Talko! :)


June Pelo
18-10-03, 19:22

Just wanted to mention that some of the data on Johan Trastlund can be found in the Caino-Torp book..


20-10-03, 17:07
Hi June,
Yes, I saw the reference to him in Caino-Torp. I checked Hiski and found additional information: 2nd marriage, additional children born, etc.

Now I'll have to update my Gedcom and resubmit to Hasse.