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Jaska Sarell
31-01-07, 00:54
Hi all Talko fans,

I've wondered why this forum is so silent :confused:
Happily copying available data without questioning?
Ever found an interesting link between several Talko entries, or a possibility of such a link?
The latter interests me since no doubt each researcher usually specializes in limited area and doesn't follow someone's destiny after movement elsewhere (, which of course may not even appear in documents). The same applies to those persons' origin that have arrived from elsewhere. Especially 18th century is tricky due to lacking movement records. People disappear from communion books with or without any remarks. But they may have some notice on the other end. At least those may be resolved with some co-operation between "experts" of both parishes, without either being too much involved in stranger areas.
I myself have tried to connect 18th century people in Esse (a bit of Purmo, Pedersöre and Lappajärvi as well), and would like also to include connections elsewhere - parents of someone moving in or possible family of someone moving out.
I'll post some query sooner or later, and also try to recall some (possibly interesting) connections already solved with the help of Talko.

:) Jaska