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D J Granlund
01-02-07, 15:59
I would be grateful if someone could put me in touch with a translator that I could pay to translate a series of stories published in a Finnish newspaper in Northern Minnesota by my grandmother Amalia (Ylen) Kytola. The stories are fiction but also based on her life experiences raising a family in the primitive northern woods. Thanks.

D J Granlund
02-02-07, 16:05
To those who have sent private messages to me.....Sorry, but with the new system, I can not figure how to "reply". It is quite different than the previous system.

The number of articles Amalia wrote that I have gotten copies of is 50. Each is about 2 standard size pages in length (but in newspaper type). I don't know what the font size nor the font style is. I have no idea what this endeavor will cost. I expect when I get prices I will deciede if I can afford to proceed.

Thank you for your attention.