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Paivi T
03-02-07, 19:49
Late one night a burglar broke into a house.
In the light of his torch, he glanced around,
looking for valuables. Just as he was stashing
a CD player into his bag, a strange voice
said in the darkness:
-- Jesus is watching you.

The burglar nearly had a heart attack,
he froze in place and switched off his torch.
All was quiet again, so he went back to work.
Just as he was disconnecting the stereo,
a clear voice rang in the darkness:
-- Jesus is watching you.

Confused, afraid, the burglar started to
wave his torch around, looking for the source
of that strange voice. Finally, the light
shone on a parrot cage in the corner
of the room.

-- Was that you talking just now?
the burglar asked the parrot.
-- Yes... confessed the parrot.
-- I'm just trying to warn you.

The burglar relaxed:
-- Whaddo you mean, warn me, who do you think you are?
-- Moses, said the parrot.

-- Moses? the burglar collapsed in a fit of laughter,
-- What kind of people call their parrot Moses?
-- The kind who call their rottweiler Jesus.