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10-02-07, 22:29
I am searching for the offspring off Vendla Maria Pfs from either Sundom or Solf in Finland. She was born October 26, 1870. She recieved her passport to the USA on April 27,1893 and travelled from Vasa Finland to the USA. Her passport number was 1958.

My search from Finland has lead to a dead end, so I was wondering if anybody on the other side of the Atlantic had any clues as to where to pick up from? I would like to make contact with any decendants.


11-02-07, 03:47
I browsed Ancestry.com, and did come up with a possibility. The Sawyer family has a family tree on Ancestry which has a Vendla Sofia Pafs married to Anders Johan Remahl. Here is their email address:


I checked what passenger records there were as well as census records. The majority of Pafs family members (most from Mustasaari, Malax and Maxmo) were headed to Gardner, Massachusetts; Oakland, California; Ramsey, Michigan and the state of Utah. Checking with whitepages.com and yahoo people search turned up zero Pafs in the U.S.

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11-02-07, 04:19
Swenson S 21-6 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran

18w Edla Sofia Pfs May 19 1881 Solf 1907

the town of Ramsey MI is just 10km (6mi) east of Ironwood on M28/US2.

If I am able to take myself over to Swenson soon, I can check the church microfilm.


23-02-07, 00:07
I went to Swenson and for this person in Ironwood, MI found only her and her Negaunee born husband, no children. I will try to post a scan of the church page.
Some how the software is not permitting me to post the scan. So I will just write the info here:

Carl Victor Pfs b. Negaunee MI, Nov 4 1889, received Dec 1908, married 1908
Edla Sofia h.h., Solf Vasa ln Finland, May 19 1881, arrived America from Solf 1907 and arrived this place 1907.
No children listed.

Perhaps this Edla doesn't fit your lists and maybe Carl is a child of one of your persons.

24-02-07, 14:52
Thank you both for your replies, I will look into this and see where it takes me.

Folke :)