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Karen Norwillo
12-02-07, 17:14
Where would be the likely ports used by someone from Oravais if they didn't leave from Hango? My grandmother Maria Forslund, 13 Jun 1875, obtained her passport in May 1896, but doesn't show on the passenger lists. She was definitely in MI by 1897 for a marriage with her first husband Karl Johan Fernqvist. I've been searching Ancestry.com, but no luck. Karen

Karen Norwillo
12-02-07, 21:28
I have my grandmother and her 3 childrens return to MI in 1903 from Finland, they were there with her husband Karl to find men willing to emigrate to work in the mines in Iron County, MI. Karl returned before the family and was killed in a mining accident in 1903. There is a Charles Fernqvist on a 1 Mar 1902 passenger list from Hango. My full subscription to Emigrant Register has expired. Could someone who still has access to full records lookup his particulars, please? His date of birth is 1871 in Sweden.

Karen Norwillo
14-02-07, 18:37
While my grandmother was in Finland, she gave birth to her second child, Johan Albert Fernqvist 19 May 1900. His birth, according to family was in Vasa, but as his mother's family was in Oravais and she was probably with family at the time of the birth, I suspect he would have been born there. They did not return to the US until 1903. Would his birth have been recorded in the church there? Maria Simonsdotter Forslund 1875 and Karl Johan Persson Fernqvist 1871 were his parents. Karl was a citizen of Sweden as he was never naturalized in the US. I would think a baby would have been christened before they returned.

Kaj Granlund
16-02-07, 18:58
Yes, if the mother was in the records in Oravais, the child should be in those parish records. Usually a child at that time was entered into the records of the father, but if the father was in USA the child could have been entered into either records.

The ports. That is more difficult in your case. As they had connections to Sweden I think it also is possible they passed through Sweden.

And other possibility: there has alwasy been a lot of contacts between Ostroborhnia and Sweden. Even farmers had their own ships for traffic to Sweden.
Or there was a rather big export to Sweden, Germany, Estonia, The Netherlands and England from Ostrobothnia. The biggest Ostrobothnian port at that time should have been Kristinestad (bigger than Karleby or Jakobstad). Kristinestad also had an emigration office.
And Oravais also had a small port mainly used for the coast line traffic, but also for the needs of the factories in Oravais. So there might have been a lot of possibilities.
People from Ostrobothnia might have considered it even as difficult to go to Hangö as Stockholm or to Gothenburg using some contacts they had. From these parts I also know that some left from Norway.

Karen Norwillo
16-02-07, 22:44
Thank you for the info. Some of those ports I would not have considered.
Here's the situation on the two children born while my grandmother was "overseas." Maria and Karl came to Finland and Sweden to find men to emigrate to Michigan to work in the mines. They were in Finland, then Sweden and then back to Finland before returning to US. My uncle was born in Finland 1900, my aunt in Sweden 1901 and they left from Finland to the US. My grandmother and the children were travelling alone on that return, Karl had gone back earlier, not sure exactly when, I think 1902. As they were in Sweden for the 1901 birth, possibly both children were recorded there. Karl was still a Swedish citizen. My grandmother didn't become a citizen until she married my grandfather when Karl died.