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June Pelo
14-02-07, 21:00
Recently my cousin George in Michigan gave me a bunch of old unidentified photos taken in Sweden. He assumed they were his mother's relatives in Sweden - her parents were born there and emigrated to the US. I wanted to send the photos to the family in Sweden, but had no idea who they were. I contacted Ingemar Ekman, our Finlander member who lives in Sweden. With the little bit of data I could give him, Ingemar was able to find the records and sent the information to me. It revealed that George's mother's mother was a twin, and among the old photos I found a photo of twin girls and assumed that was the correct family. Ingemar then was able to track down living relatives in Sweden and we connected through e-mail. One of the relatives said there is an old aunt still living who probably would recognize the photos, so I offered to send them over (about 25 of them). I just received an e-mail telling me the photos arrived and they are thrilled to have them. They wanted me to thank George and to tell him they would treasure the photos. Thanks to Ingemar, there was a successful ending to this search.