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Gita Wiklund
19-10-03, 00:35

I have discovered that sometimes a family name has been registered in the field for patronymicon. So it can be worth trying to search by typing the name (or part of it using * in relevant ways) in that field if you donīt get results the ordinary way by typing the name in the field "last name".

19-10-03, 17:06
Another method I have successfully used is to only input the first couple of letters of the individuals' names. Searching children for Joseph Andersson and Susan Eriksdr, I'll enter "Jo" & "A" and "S" & "E". Many times, I've found, that Hiski doesn't contain the woman's patronymic so I'll leave that off. Since this can return many records, I'll limit the years and increase the number of records option so I don't have to "click" as much. :)

Because of variations in spelling of the names, I've found that limiting to just the first 2 letters returns the best results.

Gita Wiklund
19-10-03, 18:21
In my case when searching for Kåhlman the best result (with most spellings covered while not too many unwanted hits) has come by k*lman.

Sometimes there can be a title or something written before the name or after withouth space in between. Try also * on both sides of the name like in my example *k*lman*

The way I discovered that the family name was wrongly inserted in the patronymic field was by searching only on the birthdate that I had discovered on the tombstone. I typed it in the birthdate field (twice), without inserting any of the names, and I found it immidiately. So thatīs another way to search if one know the date.