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I read a genealogy book from Lappfjärd writen by Elis Sandelin; ”Släktgårdarna Håxell-Pärus 1546-1993”. There are in this book hundreds of people that emmigrated to America and never came back and therefore descendants not listed!

I found also that these people in the Sandelins book are actually also descendants to a German, Mr. Nicklas Reichenbach, that came to Kristinesstad in 1650.

Harri Blomberg has written a really good story about Reichenbach and Hanses (in Swedish):


Nicklas Reichenbacks Grandfather was the famous Simon Berchelt who was a good friend of King Johan III (http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_III) .

Simon Berchelt was the one who introduced the ”snaps” in the Nordics (ment to be a medicine).

However, I have listed some of the American descendants mentioned in Sandelins book (far from all...). All born in Lappfjärd, if not stated where:

I.Margaretha Jossandt f. Håxell (1775- ), married to Carl Hansson Jossandt

Missing descendants in this line:
1. Henrik Erik Hanses/ Hoxellfolk f. 17.7.1790, dog och begraven i Umeå
2. Valter Henrik Lillgäls b.31.7.1907, to Canada 1927, died 1928 in Canada
3. Anna Kajsa Andersdotter Jossandt, f.19.12.1853, to Amerika 1882, died there 20.3.1934
4. Karl Henrik Karlsson Ojala b.3.1.1861, d.25.11.1929 in USA, to US 1887
5. Maja Greta Johansdotter Bjors/Jossandt, b.14.2.1864, d.? To Amerika 1893
6. Henrika Johansdotter Bjors/Jossandt, b.8.3.1870, d.? To Amerika 1893
7. Adelina Johansdotter Bjors/Jossandt, b.1.2.1877, d.? To Amerika 1899
8. Johan Henrik Johansson Bjors/Jossandt, b.5.8.1875, d.? To Amerika 1899
9. Erik Anders Henriksson Bjors/Ivars/Evars, b. 7.11.1879, To Amerika 1895 (his brother Viktor Evars was my ggf)
10. Karl Johan Henriksson Ivars, b.14.8.1859, To Amerika 1887, back 1887, to Amerika again 1888
11. Vilhelmina Johan Henriksdotter Ivars b. 19.9.1863, d.26.5.1909, To Amerika 1893
12. Johan Oskar Andersson Neulikka b. 18.6.1871 Bötom, d.?, To Amerika 1893
13. Anna Kaisa Ivars/Björmans/Jossandt b.25.11.1868, To Amerika 1882
14. Henrik Carlsson Ivars/Björmans/Jossandt b.11.7.1841, To Amerika 1873
15.Hilda Elida Josef Henriksdotter Bjors 26.2.1886, to America 1904

II. Johan f. Håxell (1778-1819) married Anna Margaretha Storkaas

Missing descendants in this line:
1. Erik-Henrik Håxell ,b.24.2.1855. Emmigrated 1873
2. Mathilda Johansdotter Håxell (married Petersen) ,b.27.12.1871. Emmigrated to USA ; no further information about her
3. Josef Viktor Josefsson Hoxell b.3.12.1871; förfallolöst utebliven
4. Johannes Josefsson Hoxell , b.2.1.1876, To USA 1903, rumours that he married in US
5. Otto Eliel Josef Viktorsson Skogman, b.31.12.1895, to USA 1914
6. Anna Kajsa Josefsdotter Hoxell, b.26.7.1861, to USA 1893
7. Karl Gustaf Karl Gustafsson Björklund, b.9.10.1864 in Sideby, to USA 1893
8. Karl Sigfrid Bjöklund, b.25.10.1891, to USA 1893
9. Edla Sofia Josefsdotter Hoxell/Björmans/Lager , b.24.4.1864, to USA 1902
10.Hulda Sofia Karl-Johansdotter Hoxell/Björmans/Lager , b.5.8.1888, to USA 1902
11. Karl-Johan Karl Fredriksson Lager/Hoxell/Björmans, b.26.11.1865, to USA 1889
12. Mathilda Henriksdotter Mannfolk, b.14.9.1883, d.15.2.1913, to USA 1910
13. Josef Henrik Josefsson Klockars, b.7.8.1882, d.?, to USA 1905
14. Signe Mathilda Josef Henriksdotter Klockars/Mannfolk, b.12.4.1905, d.?, to USA 1910
15. Arthur Jelien Josef Henriksson Klockars/Mannfolk, b.7.8.1911 , California Fost Bagg (= Forth Bragg?), d.?
16. Erland Josefsson Mannfolk/Juth/Stengård/Håxell, b.7.7.1892, to USA 1910
17. Viktor Emil Josefsson Mannfolk/Juth/Stengård/Håxell, b.11.4.1884, to USA 1910
18. Karl Henrik Josefsson Mannfolk/Juth/Stengård/Håxell, b.2.3.1889, to USA 1907
19. Ida Alvina Erik-Henriksdotter (Håxell)/ Bergkulla/in USA Carlsson, b.4.9.1883, d.2.8.1974, to USA 1901
20. Johan Viktor Erik-Henriksson Ulves /Bergkulla/in USA Carlsson, b.5.9.1882, d.3.7.1931, to USA 1901
21. Irene Johansdotter Ulves /Bergkulla/in USA Carlsson, b.1904 Ortego CA,
22. Harry Johansson Ulves /Bergkulla/in USA Carlsson, b.August, 1910, d.17.3.1965
23. Erik Henrik josefsson Yrjäns , b. 2.10.1851
24. Edla Sofia johansdotter Hoxell b.13.9.1869, d.14.6.1948 in USA, to USA/San Francisco 1892
25. Karl Johan Björmans (in USA Charles Jossandt) b.28.11.1870, d.30.4.1955 in USA, to USA/San Francisco 1892
26. Mathilda Alvina Karlsdotter Björmans/Jossandt (father Charles Jossandt) b.14.3.1892, d.9.6.1902 in USA, Siher Lake
27. Axel isaksson Geisor / Björmans Härkmeri, b. 20.12.1859; to USA
28. Erland Isaksson Geisor / Björmans, b. 29.6.1871 i Häkmeri; to USA
29. Karl Viktor johansson Björmans /Agnäs b. 11.12.1877; to USA 1903, died there 1904
30. Karl Gustaf Isaksson (Geisor) Björmans, b. 16.2.1856 in Häkmeri, to USA 1886
31. Klara Vilhelmina Jakobsdotter Filppula (Geisor/Björmans), b. 5.3.1852, to USA 1886
32. Robert Isaksson (Geisor) Björmans, b.3.10.1857 in Härkmeri, to USA
33. Josefina Johansdotter (Geisor) Björmans, b.16.6.1859 in Härkmeri, to USA
34. Frans Robert (Geisor) Björmans, b.23.11.1879 in Härkmeri, to USA
35. Johan Erik Henriksson Jossandt b,3.9.1850, d.8.10.1923, to USA 1884
36. Maja Greta Erik Johansdotter (Hoxell)/Björmans b.19.2.1856 ,d.28.2.1932
37. Carl Henrik Johansson Jossandt (altered to Johnsson in USA), b.3.9.1879, to San Francisco, USA 1902
38. Olga Alvina Josefsdotter Ulfves (Johnsson in USA), b.4.8.1880,d.8.1.1970, to San Francisco, USA 1902
39. Their children: Olga Irene Carl-Henriksdotter Johnsson, b.3.4.1906 in Amerika (children Karp /Eklund)
40. Their sec. child: Carl Gilbert Johnsson, b.19.8.1907 in Amerika
41. Amanda Sofia, Isaksdotter Geisor (Ulfves), b. 12.9.1866 i Härkmeri, to USA 1887
42. Carl-Johan , Erik -Henriksson Ulves, f.30.10.1863 , to USA 1887
43. Anna Kajsa Björmans/Hoxell/Mangs, b.23.9.1863. Abroad:12.5.1882
44. Henrik Björmans/Hoxell/Mangs, b.13.3.1868. To USA 1887
45. Axel Alexandersson Forsström . b.31.1.1880 in Påskmark (to Lappfjärd 1907), to America 12.4.1907
46. Josef Viktor , Carl Eriksson Håxell, b.21.8.1847, to USA 29.4.1871; decleared dead in Lappfjärd
47. Carl Henrik Silfvernagel/Ahlkulla/Holm b.28.11.1862, To America 1884
48. Erik Johan Silfvernagel/Ahlkulla/Holm b.21.6.1866, To America 1886
49. Viktor Johan Silfvernagel/Ahlkulla/Holm b.16.10.1868, To America 1888
50. Vilhelm Hoxell/Lillkull b.30.9.1879, d.31.12.1905 in Worchester, America
51.Anna Cecilia Josef Hendrikssonsdotter Lillkull,b.4.7.1897 in Gardoer Amerika

III. Matts f.Håxell (1781-) married Caisa, Karlsdotter Bränn (1781-)

Missing descendants in this line:

1. Johan Viktor Agnäs/Hoxell . b.3.7.1863, d.25.3.1899 in America
2. Franck (Frans) Viktor Agnäs, b.30.6.1899 in Påskmark, d.20.9.1963 in America, to America 1923
3. Ragnar Ingvald Karl Johansson Bengts /Hinds, b.3.10.1923 in Påskmark, d.in Sweden.
4. Sigrid Maria , Josefsdotter Håxell b.5.7.1896, d.1.10.1930 in America.
5. Emil Mikael Josefsson Håxell, b.10.11.1897, to America 9.3.1923
6. Axel Ivar Utter, b.1901
7. Artur Erik Henriksson Utter , b.27.10.1903, to America
8. Henrik Johansson Bjors, b.24.12.1848, emmigrated 1870
9. Carl Johansson Bjors, b.19.9.1837 , to USA 1881
10. Karl Bjors, b.23.6.1861, to USA 1880
11.Karl Henrik Karlsson (Ivars) Mattfolk, b.3.3.1891, to USA 20.5.1910

IV. Anna Caisa Erlands f. Håxell (1784-) married to Matts Mattson Erlands (1783-)

Missing descendants in this line:
1. Erik Henrik Mattson Kvis, b.14.8.1836 in Tjöck,d.17.4.1903 in Berkley USA. To USA 1872
2. Josef Henrik, Erik Henriksson, Kvis/Erlands, b.23.12.1861. To USA
... too many to write down... many emmigrants to Sweden and USA. Family names: Många i Tjöck: Erlands,Tåg,
Många i Tjöck: Erlands,Tåg,
Hinds, Lillmals, Österback

V. Josef f. Håxell (1787-1869)
Missing descendants in this line:

Too many to list, family names: Pärus, Agnäs, Hinders, Bränn, Ahl, Pantulin, Krokbäck, Mangs, Mitts, Jossandt, Thomasfolk, Granström, Gull, Guss

VII. Carl f.Håxell (1793-1854)
--> descendants in Påskmark, Tjöck. Familynames. Kaas, Utter, Lillkaas, Klemets, Österback, Martens
Lillmals, Skoglund

Kind regards,
Christer Åstrand

16-02-07, 22:09
Swenson 230 = Michigan, Houghton County, Hancock, Salem Lutheran Chu. Pos Given names Surname Other data Born Parish Emi
230 2w Anna Katariina Mar 28 1859 Lappfjärd unk
married to Erickson
Swenson 235 = Michigan, Houghton County, Calumet, Faith Lutheran 235 c110w Adolphina Bjors Jan 12 1882 Lappfjärd 1904
Swenson S 26-2 = Michigan, Iron Co, Amasa, Bethany Lutheran
S 26-2 1h Frank Berg Nov 27 1877 Lappfjärd unk
Swenson S 27-2 = Michigan, Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Swedish Lutheran
S 27-2 45h Valentine Clements Dec 24 1864 Lappfjärd unk
Swenson S 27-3 =Michigan, Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
S 27-3 62w2 Alina Erkintr. Nygård Sep 15 1881 Siikainen, ar fr Lappfjärd 1905
S 27-3 b63c Alfred Adrian Rosenlund 1888 Lappfjärd unk
S 27-3 b64c Hilma Paulina Nygård p: David & Helena Jul 6 1890 Lappfjärd 1903
Swenson 234 = Michigan, Marquette Co., Champion Finnish Lutheran
Swenson 220-2 =Michigan, Marquette Co., Ishpeming Bethany Lutheran 220-2 b150h Karl Henrik Utter not given Lappfjärd unk
220-2 b150w Wendla Utter Apr 12 1840 Lappfjärd 1891
Swenson 219 = Michigan, Schoolcraft County, Manistique, Zion Lutheran 219 22w b27w Maria Sofia Anderson Linden Teir Apr 5 1874 Lappfjärd 1897
219 26u Hilma Julina Erikson Dec 21 1883 Härkmeri by Lappfjärd unk
219 b43w Hilma Julina Dec 21 1883 Lappfjärd 1903
219 b63w Maria Mathilda Björnqvist Söderström Mar 24 1864 Lappfjärd 1891

CODES: column one is the Swenson center film id.
b150h for example = book 2, page 150, husband and following that logic, w=wife, d=dauighter, s=son, c=confirmed, p=parents, f=fineral, u=unaccompanied from Euirope. Many people were listed as born in Finland. Some not listed could have been Finnish born but one has to draw the line somewhere.
Today I just took all lines which included the Lappfjärd parish name. Women with husbands from someplace else don't show those married names in this posting and if birth name isn't given here, it's not in the books.
Hope you find somebody useful for you.
This bunch is from churches in the UP of Michigan only.

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Thanks again Chuck!

Hopefully some American-descendant find their anchestor among the long list above someday.... There will be many readymade gen.studies for them :)

It seems that quite many of these listed emmigrants went to California.