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Steve Bergholm
17-02-07, 16:22

Over the past couple of years I have found that my paternal great-grandparents both came from Finland. Ida Lappi immigrated from Lestijarvi in 1907 to Newport, New Hampshire, where I believe she met Johan Gideon Bergholm. He had immigrated a year earlier, coming from Narpes, but subsequent research has led me to believe that the family may have also been in Lappfjard and Kristinestad. Ida and Johan were married in Lowell, Massachusetts in January of 1909.

I was able to obtain a book from Lestijarvi that gave me all of the information I could have hoped for on the Lappi side of the family, but haven't been so lucky with the Bergholm side. I have a lot of pieces of the puzzle, but can't quite put them together. Any suggestions are welcome.

Some of the information I have:

Johan Gideon Bergholm, born 27.5.1878, father Johan Josef Bergholm, watchmaker and mother Eva Josephina Rommstrom (born 23.12.1846)
brother Karl Frederik Bergholm born 1874

Johan Josef Bergholm lived on the Bjors farm in Lappfjard in 1880. The listing in the 1880 census reads as best I can decipher it:

BJORS ages af Urmakaren Josef Bergholm i Kristinestad (I assume this is telling me he is a watchmaker from Kristinestad?)

Johan Josef got his burgher rights in Kristinestad 8.12.1869

Carl Gustaf Bergholm born about 1782, 2nd marriage to Dorothea Tillman 22.12.1823, was county watchmaker in Lappfjard beginning 1814. Cannot find a relationship to the others mentioned above, but suspect there may be one given the evidence.

Again, any help or suggestions is appreciated.

Thank You,
Steve Bergholm

Kaj Granlund
17-02-07, 17:38
It tells you that that part of the Bjors farm was owned by the Bergholms. Which doesn't necessarily mean they lived at the farm. That depends on in which way it is written in the records.

June Pelo
17-02-07, 22:13

Check your private messages.