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17-02-07, 22:42

I have a request for emigration date and ship info for August Johansson Lillkåll, b. 1856 Jakobstad. Married Maria Alina Gustafson in Astoria 1903.

Christian Dahlin

27-02-07, 00:21
I saw on the census report of 1910 for Astoria Oregon and it says August Johnson immigrated in 1888

27-02-07, 00:23
I saw in the 1910 census for Astoria, Oregon, that he immigrated in 1888.

27-02-07, 10:01
Thanks Vern!

I will forward this information to Håkan Lillkåll!


Karen Norwillo
27-02-07, 17:27
Do you know what August's second name was? The only passport entry on Migration Institute with no birth year given was August Wilhelm Lillkåll.
I found two possibilities on Ancestry as August Johanson arriving in 1888.
August Johanson, 26 Oct 1888, born abt 1857, 31, destination San Francisco, "City of Berlin". originated Sweden.
August Johanson, 21 May 1888, abt 1857, 31, "Egypt" origin: Hamby, Sweden, no destination other than USA.
Thought maybe the San Francisco destination looked promising as he ended up in Oregon.

27-02-07, 21:01
Hi Karen!

I have no other name for him than August Johansson Lillkåll. He married Maria Alina Gustafson in Astoria 1903. August was born 15 Jan 1856, so his birth date matches both.