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18-02-07, 11:45

I have now found that Anders Hansson Kronkvist moved to Elgbacka, Evijärvi.

* Anders Hansson Kronkvist, b. 19.9.1856 Lappfors, Esse. Married 30.11.1880 Maria Eriksdotter Elgbacka, b. 10.4.1852 Evijärvi.

I would be interested to find the siblings and families of this lady Maria Eriksdotter Elgbacka. Hiski for Evijärvi does not show information from this era.

It seems clear that they later emigrated to Sorjos, Kronoborg and I would like to know more about their lives and the story of the bear...


June Pelo
18-02-07, 18:16
Jaska has some Elgbacka names from Evijärvi. Maybe he has an Erik who would be related to Maria Eriksdotter Elgbacka.


18-02-07, 18:34
Hello June!

I did not find her on Talko Genealogy. In fact, there was no Erik Elgbacka at all who could have been her father. Of course there is a possibility that her father's name was not Erik.

I found another Maria Jakobsdotter Elgbacka born ab. the same time as "my" Maria, but she was married with a "wrong" man.

I still hope to get contact with some relatives, because of the incredible story about the bear fight in Sorjos.


June Pelo
19-02-07, 02:19

The data may not be in Jaska's Talko database, but he may have it in a separate database because he sent me data about several Elgbacka names from Evijärvi.

Anna Brita Eriksdotter Elgbacka, married to Erik Mattsson Nabb.
Erik Eriksson Elgbacka, b. 1804, married 1833 Anna Davidsdr. Kattilakoski.
Johan Eriksson Nabb-Elgbacka, b. 1842, married Lovisa Andersdr. Forsbacka.

Write to Jaska and ask if he has other Elgbacka names. I don't think he checks e-mail on weekends.


19-02-07, 10:03

I checked on Hiski and I found that Anna Davidsdotter possibly died 1838 and in her marriage was no children born after this. Erik Eriksson could possibly been married again after that, but I found no matching marriage in Evijärvi, Esse or Terjärv. But 1850 is the newest information on Hiski for Evijärvi and "my" Maria was probably born in 1852.

I think I have Johan Eriksson Nabb-Elgbacka in my database, but he was probably too young to be the father of Maria...

Of course I could call the Evijärvi parish and ask them for information.


Jaska Sarell
19-02-07, 12:01

I have only a few Elgbacka names. One researcher who happens to have common ancestors with me in SW Finland, has wife née Elgbacka.
Interestingly enough her grandfather Adolf Johansson Elgbacka was born (on 9 Oct 1890) in Kurkijoki (Sw. Kronoborg). His parents were Johan Eriksson Elgbacka, b. 31 Oct 1842 in Evijärvi and Lovisa Andersdr Forsbacka, b. 20 Mar 1848 in Esse.

Kurkijoki/Kronoborg seems to be such an interesting place for those Esse born people that I may have a look at the latest communion books available in the National Archives, i.e. years 1892-1899. If the birth place is clearly stated, it won't take too long to go through those 19 microfiches.

:) Jaska

19-02-07, 12:33
Hello Jaska!

On Hiski for Kurkijoki I found a birth for Anders William Kronqvist (1893). Parents were Anders Kronqvist and Maria Eriksdotter Elgbacka. This boy died only 1 day old. I think his birthplace was Lapinlahti. Probably not the same Lapinlahti that now is in Finland. No more births were found from this couple. Anders himself was in the bear fight in 1897 and did not recover after that. He died probably circa 1900.

But before this, Anders and Maria had at least one girl, probably born in Evijärvi, Elgbacka where I suppose that Anders was "måg". This girl was Emilia Kronqvist, later married Toivanen. I have several postcards from this woman to "cousins" and "relatives" in Dalabäck. They were sent between 1905 and 1917 from Sorjos and Elisenvaara.

I suppose that Maria's family in Evijärvi knew about the bear fight and also what happened to Maria and Emilia later.


Kaj Granlund
19-02-07, 13:54
Maria came to esse from Terjärv 22 Oct 1880 and the couple moved to Evijärvi in 4 may 1881. So they seems to have been people moving around.

19-02-07, 15:05
Yes, Kaj!

You seem to have found her. They probably moved to her home in Terjärv 1881 after they married. Anders himself was born in Kiisk and his parents bought a farm in Dalabäck, where Anders lived for some years. Perhaps they knew each other already when he lived in Kiisk.

For some reason Anders went to Sorjos among with other from Terjärv and Kronoby.


Kaj Granlund
19-02-07, 18:48
Would be surprised if they didn't know each other before. Those places are that close to each other. And as Elgbacka at that time was swedish speaking htye had the contacts to Esse.

Jaska Sarell
19-02-07, 22:54
Indeed there were quite many from "our interest area" living in Kurkijoki in 1890's. I collected most of those today (not all had place of birth marked and thus easily missed), but need to review them from my notes and photo snaps.

Anyway this one found at Lapinlaks village (page 167):
Torp. Anders Kronqvist (Forsbacka) 19/9 1856 Ähtävä
vo Maria Erikint. Elgbacka 10/4 1852 Evijärvi
tr. Ida Maria Kronqvist 12/7 1881
Family had moved there from Evijärvi in 1887. No other special remarks in this set of communion books (1892-99).

Yes, this Lapinlahti is not a parish near Iisalmi nor the psychiatric hospital in Helsinki ;)

And the other Kronqvist at Rahola village (page 302):
Metsävahti Anders Viktor Kron 19/6 1865
vo Maria Hannont. Kronqvist 17/5 1859 Ähtävä
Sisar Helena Sofia Andersdotter Kron 27/4 1873
Äiti: Anders Gustaf Kron'in
Li Leena Antintytär 10/11 1831 Kokkola

:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
20-02-07, 15:28
I seem to have done yesterday's Kurkijoki searches unnecessarily :o
The communion book for the last decade of 19th century has been available in the net since 2002.
Link: asutusluettelot
There is: Kurkijoen rippikirja 1893-1900 !
The site is in Finnish, and has a lot of other information.
E.g. index for Kurkijoen kihlakunnan historia lists Kronqvist family.

:) Jaska

P.S. That site does nor seem to include all names. E.g. p. 164 misses two daughters that emigrated to America.