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20-02-07, 06:39
I have been searching for descendents of my great uncle Juho Jaakko Maenpaa b. 3 Aug, 1867 in Kurikka Finland. He immigrated to Minnesota in 1903 with his wife Elina daughters, Enni age ? and Tyyne Aurora b.09/18/1900.(age 3)in Laihia, Finland.. According to the 1930 census John was living in Hibbing, county of St. Louis , Minnesota with wife Lena N. and his younger daughters, Martha D. age 14 b.1916, Helma J. age 19, b. 1911. According to family info in 1920 John had 6 girls and l boy and was a carpenter and lived in Hibbing.
According to Ancestory .com John died in Beltrami ( not sure if this is a name of a city or county ) Minn. On 05/04/1964. I can’t find any record of his wife, son or daughters anywhere although I believe that Tyyne Aurora may be Tyne A Tjader who lived in St. Louis county and died there on 05/20/65. The death notice show Mother’s maiden name unknown which is confusing because on another document maiden name shows up as MAKI.. I am wondering if there was a name change from Maenpaa to Maki as some point or am I searching the wrong Tyne ..
Any suggestions??
Chuck, would checking out churches in this area help?

Karen Norwillo
20-02-07, 19:37
I found the WWI Draft Registration card for John Jackko Maenpaa, PO 536, Ely, St Louis, MN, Aug 3. 1876, 42, naturalized, carpenter, wife Eleena Maenpaa.
I looked at that 1930 census, living on 7th Ave. in Hibbing Village. He's 54, married at 22, carpenter. Lena N is 56, Martha ? (middle initial is written over. Can see a D underneath, but another initial is written over), 14, MN. Hilma J is 19, MN. They own home, paid $4000.
On the MN Naturalization records there is a Lena Nellie Tainaa Maenpaa.
John Maenpaa's death record from Beltrami county has dob as 3 Aug 1877, death as 4 May 1964. I saw that entry for an Elena Maenpaa 22 May 1953 in Carlton county. The index is alphabetical and this was under the Maenppa -Macki listing, Maybe that's where the Macki came from???
So far I wasn't able to find them in the 1910 or 1920 census, but the name is probably misspelled.

20-02-07, 20:32
Mäenpaa might a form of Mäki. Maybe not but I think grammar has something to do with it.
I can't deal with 16 cases. I barely am able to handle English so check with the Finnish language help thread.

21-02-07, 05:59
Thanks Karen & Chuck

I have requested a copy of John Maenpaa's death certificate and obit notice from the Minnesota Historical Society. Hopefully it will give me the names of his family members.

Can you tell me where I would find the Finnish language help thread that you refer to?

21-02-07, 06:31
Just scroll down, in this forum, to First Aid - The Help Forum and put your request there.

Karen Norwillo
21-02-07, 18:09
The 1903 arrival of Elina and girls on the Ultonia from Liverpool, arriving 18 Jul 1903 to Boston, lines 25-27, shows:
25. Mäenpää, Elina, 28, married, wife, to husband Jani Mäenpää, Ely,Minn. Box 92
26. Maria, 4
27. Tyyne, 3

Source: Ancestry.com, Boston Passenger Lists

22-02-07, 05:29
Thank you, THANK YOU Karen for the information that you found on the Boston Passenger List. I didn't know that wife, Elina and girls came on their own. I had been looking for the whole family without success.
Also the oldest daughter Enni was listed by her second name Maria. ( another clue)
In tracing daughter, Tyyne (married name Tjader) I found that most of her descendents are still in Ely, Minn.
Hibbing and Ely must be close to each other as they are in the same county of St.Louis
According to the Minnesota Historical Society, John Maenpaa died in Beltrami county, can someone tell me if Beltrami is close to Hibbing?
Thanks again Karen

Karen Norwillo
22-02-07, 23:09
Beltrami county is 2 counties East of St Louis county. Not sure why John was there at the time of his death. Hibbing and Ely are close. Duluth is the major city in St Louis county.