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June Pelo
20-02-07, 21:46
The American Swedish Historical Museum (ASHM) in Philadelphia is leading a project called "Linnaeus and America" to commemorate Carl Linnaeus on the 300th anniversary of his birth in 1707. Linnaeus was a botanist, physician, gardner, pharmacist, royal physician, university professor and a cofounder of Sweden's Royal Academy of Sciences. He worked out a universal classification system of how we think and speak about plants and animals. His system is still used by the entire world.

One of his students was Pehr Kalm (1716-1779), a Swedish-Finn explorer, botanist, naturalist and agricultural economist. One of his many accomplishments was the first description of Niagara Falls. He was born in Ångermanland, Sweden where his parents took refuge from Finland during the Great Northern War. His father died when he was six weeks old. His mother returned with him to Närpes, Finland where Pehr Kalm's father was a Lutheran minister. Kalm studied at the Academy of Turku from 1735, and from 1740 at the University of Uppsala where he met Carolus Linnaeus. In Uppsala Kalm became the superintendent of an experimental plantation owned by his patron, Baron Sten Karl Bielke.

From Norden, 8 Feb 2007

20-11-07, 00:26
For more on the remarkable Pehr Kalm, please see my review of Paula Ivaska Robbins' new biography of Kalm in Swedish in Norden, September 27, and in English in the Quarterly of the Swedish-Finn Historical Society.

20-11-07, 08:43
Just a little detail: June, it's the Academy of Åbo.


June Pelo
20-11-07, 23:51

If you'll notice, I quoted an article that appeared in Norden newspaper and I copied it exactly as written. I don't know what the name of the academy was in former times, but to Swedish-speaking people it is called Åbo Akademi, according to my cousin who is a professor there.


Jaska Sarell
22-11-07, 12:28

Åbo Akademi of today is not a direct follower of the Royal Academy of Turku from 1640 - University of Helsinki is ;)


:) Jaska

05-12-07, 22:08
For members in Finland who have seen the documentary about Pehr Kalm on television, my review of Paula Ivaska Robbins' biography has been published in the newsletter of the Vasa Region's Family Researchers (Vasanejdens släktforskares r.f.) for Novmber 2007. Lycklig läsning!:)