View Full Version : Storgård i Edsevö Pedersöre

21-02-07, 19:26
Johan Andersson, f. ca 1763, d. 18.10.1834, kom som måg till Storgård i Edsevö, Pedersöre, genom att först gifta sig med Caisa Hansdr S (g. ?)och sedan med Anna Andersdr S (g. 9.10.1796). Vem var denne Johan?

June Pelo
21-02-07, 20:34
Johan and Anna had a daughter Brita Lena who married Matts Eriksson Bredarholm-Holm and they had a lot of children. Finlander member Bert Lindvall has a lot of data about their children. Maybe he knows something about Johan Andersson. Have you checked the Talko database for information?


22-02-07, 17:48
Thanks June, I´ll check Talko.