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K-G Molander
22-02-07, 02:20
Transfered to Purmo Baptist Church 28 Jul 1904.
Received "betyg" to Amerika 12 Aug 1905 and a passport (# 5765) on 14 Aug 1905 for 5 years.
Transfered to civil registrars in Purmo 19 Nov 1949.
Above information received 24 Mar 1976 from "Landsarkivet" in Vasa.

From Purmo birth records:
Born: 27 May 1888
Place: Purmo

Father: Matts Johansson Tarvonen
Born: 1 Dec 1842
Place: Esse

Mother: Johanna Andersdotter Kalljärvi
Born: 10 Feb 1846
Place: Purmo

My question is what ship did he travel on and were in America did he live?

Below info is what I have found so far, but am not sure if it is correct.
Not 100% sure if below info is the Alfred Mattsson Bäcksholm I am looking for. Needs further investigation!
Certificate of death gives following information:
Date of Birth: 18 May 1888 Finland.
Residence: Crest Nursing Home.
Date of Death: 16 Jul 1966
Place of death: Silver Bow General Hospital, Butte , Silver Bow County, Montana.
Date of Burial: 19 Jul 1966
Place of Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana.
Time in Butte: 50 years. Became a citizen of USA with S.S. No: 517-05-2482.

Informant: A Mrs. Victor Mattson from Butte, Montana.

Karen Norwillo
22-02-07, 18:37
I found just one Alfred Backholm arriving 28 Sept 1907 on "Baltic" from Mustasaari, Finland, age 19, nearest relative from whense he came, Uncle Benjamin Backholm, Mustasaari Smedsby, going to friend Rupert Ahlbäck in Eureka, Utah. I realize this is 2 yrs. later.

There was one Alfred Mattsson arriving 11 May 1905 on "Caronia", but if he didn't get passport until Aug, this would be too early. He was going to brother Matts Mattson in Norway, MI.
There is another Alfred Mattsson, 18, from Nykarleby, arriving Sep 1906 on "Ivernia" going to Bingham, Utah. I can't make out the name of person he's going to.

K-G Molander
23-02-07, 02:54
Thank you Karen for your help.

David Bawden
04-10-07, 01:00
Alfred Mattson was my grandmother's (Hannah Johansdr/Nylund) cousin. Hannah was also born on the Kalljärvi farm to Matts Johansson, Stenvatten and Greta Andersdotter (Johanas' older sister), emigrated, lived in Butte Montana, and raised a family there with her husband, Viktor Pettersson, Bäcksbacka. If interested, I have a pictures of Alfred, Hannah and her sister Maria at several points in their lives and can e-mail them to interested parties.

A Mrs. Victor Mattson from Butte, Montana is listed as the informant. If this was obtained before 29 May 1982, and if her husband is the Victor Mattson who died on 13 Dec 1984 in Missoula, MT, the informant was my aunt, Linnea Peterson-Mattson.

David Bawden
05-10-07, 15:44
I thought I would try to post those pictures. The photo is not labeled correctly. This is Alfred Mattson not Victor.

K-G Molander
08-11-07, 02:46
David, what are the birthdates you have for Hanna, Matts Johansson Stenvatten and wife Greta Andersdotter?

David Bawden
08-11-07, 15:44
Hello Karl,

Hannah Nylund 11 Mar 1887, Kalljarvi (based on US Social Security Death Index and family sources)

Matt Johansson 27 Feb 1845, Stenvatten (based on Communion Book Kalljarvi, (1860-1867), HisKi, and family sources)

Greta Andersdotter 6 Mar 1844, Kalljarvi (based on Communion Book Kalljarvi, (1860-1867), HisKi, and family sources)

Matt and Greta were also Baptists. A relative in the area located Matt's grave in the Purmo (Baptist?) church cemetery. I'm presently working on documenting this side of my family from primary sources. Let me know if I can be of further help.