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22-02-07, 15:04
Could someone probably help me to find my playmate Birgitta Forsman, born in Finland. She and the rest of the family moved to California 1954. Birgitta must be born about 1940. She had an elder sister Margaretha.
Theirs father Birger was born 3.4.1910 in Finland and died 23.1.1964 in Los Angeles. Mother Karin was born 8.5.1910 also in Finland and died at 17.2.2002 in Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA. They lived i Vasa, Finland at Rådhusgatan 14 where I also was borned.
I would be glad to have connection with here after all these years.
Or is this the rigt platfom for such a question?


22-02-07, 15:57
I don't know if this phone number will be any use to you (since they have died), but maybe it's a start to find Birgitta Forsman.


U.S. Public Records Index
Name: Birger Forsman
Street address: 8119 Broadleaf Ave
City: Panorama City
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Zip Code: 91402
Phone Number: 818-786-3902
Household Members: Name Est. Age Birth Year
Birger Forsman
Karin A Forsman

22-02-07, 21:51
Thank you again Denice. I will call this number some day (for the moment my voice is a little bit rough). Both people are dead, but I hope you had a fresh number and some of the owner of this telephone may know Birgitta or here number.

Birgitta's mother and my mother had correspondents for several years, but now with Skype and Internet it is much easier.:)


02-03-07, 18:49
Hello Bengt:
I think I found your friend Birgitta. It looks like she is living in her parents home. The information also shows her birthdate as in 1940. So I am sure this is the right lady.

Birgitta and Tyler Thornton
8119 Broadleaf Ave.
Panorama City
Los Angeles, Ca.

telephone number 818-908-9531

Enjoy your reunion.

02-03-07, 19:03
Hello Kalle

Thank you for this information. This Birgitta is the right person. I will call here some day. I have to collect courage to this call. It is 60 years sins I saw her, but I remember that I was very sad, when she went to USA.:rolleyes: