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19-10-03, 18:15
I'm still tring to find records on Hiski for an ancestor who the Liminka records state was from Torneå. He moved to Liminka with at least 5 children who show up in various Hiski records. Some of the childrens' records state they were from Tornio/Torneå.

The Torneå records on Hiski include the years these children were born; however, NONE of the children show up there. I've tried the surrounding parish records to no avail.

Would someone be able to suggest which other parishes I can check? It must be in the vicinity of Torneå since that repeatedly is used as the parish they came from. I'd like to order the films from the Family History Center but don't know which would be the best to try. The time period is about 1720-1733.

Also, would it be wise to investigate the Mormon records from the Swedish side of the river? Weren't these parishes surrounding Torneå under Swedish control at that time? They've got to be there somewhere living in one of the neighboring parishes!

Help!!! :)

Gunnar Damström
19-10-03, 20:24
Try Haparanda Parish.


20-10-03, 18:09
Thanks, Gunnar. I'll try there and see what turns up.

Gunnar Damström
20-10-03, 18:22
Let us know how it shakes out. Is there someting resembling HISKI in Sweden? Were you able to contact the Haparanda parish directly? You asked if these parishes were controlled by Sweden at the time. Yes, until the Peace Treaty of Fredrikshamn 1809 Finland and its provinces were part of Sweden.


20-10-03, 20:31
Well, I checked the Mormon website for information on parish films for Haparanda. They begin in 1836 or so, so they will not be of use. The time period I'm looking for is about 100 yrs earlier. I checked Alatornio and Tornio and both have films available for the time period so I guess I'll start with them.

My experience in contacting the parishes directly has not been fruitful when the individuals in question are from the 18th century. Liminka parish told me my request for someone born 1786 was "too old".

I remember checking previously about a Swedish parish in that area and what films might be offered. I may get that one as well. By the way, what are the Swedish equivalents for Birth/Death/Married and also the equivalent of the Finnish rippikirjat? I seem to recall seeing "Dopte" which I assume means birth records.

Still searching,

Gunnar Damström
20-10-03, 20:53
Birth/Death/Married: Födda/Döda/Vigda, older form Födde/Döde/Vigde.

Döpte means baptized.

20-10-03, 21:33
Thank you Gunnar for the proper phrases. I assume the Swedish parishes also maintained the communion books similar to what the Finnish parishes did? What would they be called in Swedish?

Sorry to ask so many questions! :(

20-10-03, 21:45
Well, I think I may have answered my own question. I just found this word on a website. From the description, it sounds like what I'm looking for. If incorrect, please let me know.