View Full Version : Eric and Nell Levin found

June Pelo
23-02-07, 01:39
For 10 years Elof Sänkas of Närpes has been searching for his missing American cousins Eric and Nell Levin. He found an old address for them in his mother's papers in the 1950s and wrote; but they weren't there. His mother was Ellen Kamb-Levin. In 1998 he placed a picture on the Internet, with no results. Someone found an obituary for Bernard Levin in 1996, but that was no help. He studied phone directores, contacted the Salvation Army, and the US Embassy in Helsingfors. He placed a picture with Norden newspaper in 1999; and published a query in the Quarterly of SFHS - still no results. After 10 years he was ready to give up the search. Then a girl in Närpes visited his home page and read about his search for the Levin family. She tried to google Bernella Levin and got no results; then she tried Nell Levin and, Bingo! In Jan 2007 he got in touch with Nell via e-mail and she replied. She lives in Nashville, and her brother Eric lives in Mendocino County, CA. They all hope to meet soon.

Norden, 15 Feb 2007