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Karen Norwillo
23-02-07, 21:24
I was looking through some of the material on SFHS and came across an entry under Sveaborg No 22 Seattle, WA Svenska-Finska Nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika 1906 Membership Roster.
Thilda Anderson 15 Dec 07 Esse, Finland.
This possibly could be my great-aunt Thilda Andersdotter Långsjö who emigrated to Seattle in 1902. She died 10 Feb 1912, place unknown.
What type of organization was this and is there any way to get any more info about her from their records? If this is her, it's the first concrete proof that she was in Seattle.
Chuck, any hints on churches in that area I should be searching? Cousins in WA used Langsea. Karen

24-02-07, 00:34
elsewhere I had posted this for you so I just search for Langsjö and voila!

Good Shepherd/Messiah Lutheran
Marriages list for 1899<error, it's 1897
On july 31, Gabriel Sulasalmi and Anna Longsjö, both of Manistee, were married by pastor J. Forsberg. Neither were members so no further information. Longsjö is not your average name so perhaps somebody on this thread can claim her?

I knew I remembered that name but this isn't Thilda of course.
Here is the url of Swenson with a list of churches so check them out and let me know which seem useful and I can go over there for you.


Karen Norwillo
24-02-07, 16:09
The Manistee entry is my paternal grandparents. You were kind enough to find these for me a few years ago.
As to the church records in Seattle, she probably would have been affiliated with a Lutheran Church, so Bethany, Bethel, Emmaus and Gethsemane look like the best choices. She would have been a member between 1902-1912.There were some choices of old churches whose records are now held by these churches. She died 10 Feb 1912. She is on record at Kaj Granlund's church in Esse as receiving Communion before she emigrated in 1902. The Långsjö records are in Esse.
Thank you for all you've done through the years. I really appreciate it.

24-02-07, 17:55
Hej Karen,
I will check it out next trip to Swenson. Ice storm today and besides, they are closed :)

Kaj Granlund
04-03-07, 16:01
That's a swedish speaking temperance society.

Karen Norwillo
04-03-07, 21:34
Thank you so much. I looked everywhere online and couldn't find what type of organization it was. Karen