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25-02-07, 00:44
I'm looking for information of my mother's uncle Matti (Matt) Nahkala and his family. Matti was born in Kauhava, 7.8.1885, immigrated to Virginia, Minnesota 1906 (in passengerlist his age was booked 18 yo => b. 1888?).

In Federal Census 1920 Matti living in Clinton, St. Louis County, Minnesota. He had family: w Elise (Eline?) b. 1892, s Sulo H b. 1913, d Alice A b. 1916 and s Jalo O b. 1919. In Federal Census 1930 Elise living with new husband, Joseph Lake b. 1877, and children she was taken with her.

Family in Finland got obituary notice in 1955, and there was deathdate 19 Jan, but we dont know were that happened.

That is all what we know about Matti here in Finland, and we are more than happy, if anyone could give further informations to us.

Karen Norwillo
25-02-07, 22:16
I looked at both 1920 and 1930 census, his wife's name was Elsie P. I found an Elsie Pauline Lake on the MN Death Index, it doesn't give DOB, but her death was 6 Aug 1953 in St Louis county, MN.
I found a Matt Nakkala in the WWI Draft Registration, but his birth date is 10 May 1888, says born Oulu, Finland. He's married with 2 children, unfortunately no names. The Institute of Migration also has his birth as 10 May 1888. I no longer have full access to all the info. Maybe someone who has will look at the complete passport and passenger records.
I also found Elsie and Matt Nahkala in the MN Naturalization records. Virginia County, reel 8, code 216, volume 14. page 31. There are several entries, probably when he filed first papers and then the final granting of citizenship. Again, unfortunately, no dates. You would have to get that info from the county or state.
I noticed on that 1930 census, Joseph Lake was probably a widower. The 2 children Wilho R and Helen M are too old to be Elsie's if they were married between 1920-1930.
I found no matching death record in MN with the date of 19 Jan 1955.
I also noticed on the 1920 census, a few lines above Matt's family, was a Jack Nahkala and family.

05-03-07, 21:56
Thanks Karen!

I found quite same information in my own investigations. One thing, what is occupied me, is Matt´s birthdate. If I know, there was nobody else in Finland who had same name and borned on 1880's. Why he changed his birthdate when he immigrated, that is mystery to me.

Do you have any ideas, how can I find my possible relatives in USA? Ancestry.com don't have nothing information about Matt´s children, and I don't belive that they all have lived their life without own family.

I try to find out, was there any family connections between Jack (Iisakki?) Nahkala and Matt. It would be help.

25-02-10, 05:07
I will look into my lines. I'm just getting back to working on family history after a long time away from it. I think that your request may link to my family possibly?

Karen Norwillo
25-02-10, 18:11
Was Matti born in Kauhava? The date you gave belongs to a Mathias Einar Nahkala born to Matti Jaakonpoika Nahkala and Sanna Maria Hermanintytär.
There is a family tree on Ancestry that gives his birth as 10 May 1888 to Henrik Jacobsson Nahkala and Greta Liisa Johansdotter Kurola. It also says he died in 1918, record under misspelling Nukala. This can't be correct as he was still alive for 1920 census. He would have had to die between 1920-30.
Jalo O Nahkala born 19 Jan 1918 mmn Jarvinen
Matt Nahkala 14 Jun 1912 mmn Jarvinen (? Sulo)
Alli Aliisa Nahkala 4 Oct 1915 mmn Jarvinen MN Birth Index for all
Julo died 20 Apr 2005 in Virginia, St Louis, MN MN Death Index
He married Ellen Irene Moilanen. He used surname Lake, as did Alice.
Elsie Pauline Lake died in 1953.

28-02-10, 14:11
Yes, Matti Einar Nahkala was born in Kauhava, and his parents was Matti Jaakonpoika Nahkala and Sanna Maria Hermanintytär. Sanna died 27.7.1889, and after that Matti Jaakonpoika married with Anna Maria Antintytär Koutonen. She was my grandfather's mother, and certainly also Matti Einar Nahkala's stepmother.

There really was another almost same age person in Finland named Matti Nahkala, and he moved to USA in same year that my mother's uncle. He married with Elsie Lake and had several children. And that make me pursue with wrong clue.

At finally, in the latter part of the year 2007, I detected that Matti Einar Nahkala have changed his surname. New surname Kuusela was copied out name of the farm where he lived in Finland. Last years he stood in Floodwood, county of St.Louis, MN. He was never married, so I suppouse I don't have relatives in USA. :(