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Jaska Sarell
25-02-07, 14:00
Some time ago I spotted a Finnish company named identi.fi, which appropriately is involved with surveillance and security. As you know .fi is the internet suffix for Finland.
You could similarly name companies like:
justi.fi - legal advice
satis.fi - health services
forti.fi - provides best concrete
veri.fi - DNA tests (note: Finnish word veri means blood)

You English speakers can easily add to the list.
Wait and see, some will come to use one day :p

:) Jaska

25-02-07, 18:13


26-02-07, 18:10
And we have the ISP sci.fi


Jaska Sarell
26-02-07, 19:17
Chuck, what would be the business of intensi.fi ? Loudspeakers for rock bands?

Sune, perhaps you didn't know, but sci.fi is my ISP (actually conglomerated to Saunalahti 10 years ago, now property of Elisa) :D

A couple more:
terri.fi - horror films
mysti.fi - something oriental

:) Jaska