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25-02-07, 19:37
Anders Nyström f. i Kronoby 15 03 1853 d 13 08 1894 i Amerika. Vet inte var han dog, eller när han for till Amerika.
En son August Vilhelm Nyström f. 16 09 1888 åkte till Amerika i början på 1900
talet gifte sej med Hilja från Virdois. Bodde ännu på 1970 talet i Duluth Minnesota. Hörde till pingstkyrkan i Duluth.
Är det någon som har en aning om någon av släkten lever kvar. Alla uppgift
tas emot med tacksamhet.

barn Paul, Violet, John, James, Ruth, Ester, Philip, Silas, Florens.
Mvh Karin Nyström Sillanpää


William Dahlin
26-02-07, 18:05
Found the following:

1920 USA Census Duluth, St. Louis Co., Minnesota

Wm Nystrom age 32 = b 1888
Hilja wife age 32 = b. 1888
Paul son age 8 = b. 1912
Florence dau age 7 = b. 1913
Violet dau age 5 = b 1915
Silas son age 3 = b. 1917
John son age 10/12 = b 1920

1930 USA Census Duluth, St. Louis Co., Minnesota

William age 42 = b. 1888
Hilja wife age 43 = b. 1887
Paul R son age 18 = b. 1912
Florence dau age 17 = b. 1913
Violet dau age 15 = b. 1915
Silas W son age 13 = b. 1917
John H son age 11 = b. 1919
Philip E son age 9 = b. 1921
James R son age 7 = b. 1923
Ruth M dau age 4 9/12 = b. 1926
Esther E dau age 17 b. 1913
Minnie Palmer age 45

Social Security Death Index

William Nystrom born 16 Sep 1888
Died Sep 1972
Duluth, Minnesota

William Dahlin
26-02-07, 18:40
Found the following:

World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas

Paul R Nystrom Inducted Minnesota Gunner's Mate Second Class
US Navy Died 8 Nov 1943 Last Know Status Missing

Minnesota Birth Index

Rodney William Nystrom b. 1940
Saint Lois Co.

Father: Silas W. Nystrom
Mother Ruth Nelson

Joyce Ann Nystrom b. 1936 Isanti Co.

Father: John H. Nystrom
Mother Erma Lucy Hanson

Social Security Death Index

John H. Nystrom b. 1 Mar 1919 died 25 Sep 1997 Duluth Minnesota

26-03-09, 21:43
I am John Nystrom's daughter. I've been looking information about my grandfather's family. Please contact me so we can share information.

William Dahlin
20-05-09, 23:13
The information that I posted was information I found on the internet. I
do not have any Nystroms in my genealogy. When I would see information'
from others I would try and find information for them which was in your
case. My grandmother and grandfather were from Eugo, Finland.

Best of luck in your search

William Dahlin

21-05-09, 00:07

I Talko Gedcom hittade jag en person som kan vara den Anders du söker:

On Talko Gedcom I found one person who might match your Anders:

1 Anders Gustaf Nyström b.15 FEB 1853
+ Charlotta Adele Simon-Pettersdotter Krabbe b.26 NOV 1861
2 Axel Roger Anders-Gustafsson Nyström b.6 AUG 1895 d.18 APR 1929
+ Gurli Maria Gustaf-Albinsdotter Walin b.2 MAR 1898 d.5 FEB 1960
3 U.D.M. Nyström
+ H.R. Prest
4 (Döfödd pojke) Prest d.8 JAN 1944
4 B.H. Prest
4 M. Prest


June Pelo
21-05-09, 02:00
I have information about Charlotta Adele Krabbe's parents. She was born in Gamlakarleby - her father was a seaman. But I have nothing about Charlotta's marriage.

June Pelo
22-05-09, 22:05
I have an Anders Gustaf Mattsson Nybacka, b. 15 Feb 1853 in Nedervetil and died 25 Jul 1907 in Gamlakarleby. Is there a possibility he is your Anders Nyström?

June Pelo
22-05-09, 23:43
I have verified that the Anders Nybacka in my database is Karin's Anders Nyström, and I also have data on his wife Charlotta Krabbe. I have offered to send her an ahnentafel if she will send her e-mail address.

23-05-09, 10:10
June & co

I mailed Karin to see if she have noticed the information. Hopefully the email address is still working.


June Pelo
23-05-09, 16:42
After a discussion with Mary, we have decided there are two men named Anders Nyström with similar birthdates, but not part of the same family. So the Anders I have is not the person Karin and Mary are researching.

June Pelo
23-05-09, 17:31

I think I've found Anders Nyström in your data on Talko. You have:

Anders Mattsson Kivijärvi, b. 15 Mar 1853, Kronoby, son of Matts Johansson Haga-Lybäck-Lönnbäck, b. 1795, Gamlakarleby, d. 18 May 1858. Matts married several times, and he married in 1848 to Magdalena Andersdotter Holmlund, b. 9 Nov 1808, Kronoby, d. 15 Sep 1868, Kivijärvi. They had a son Anders, b. 15 Mar 1853. There's a note they moved to Nykarleby 9 Apr 1885. Unfortunately HisKi doesn't carry data after 1851. There's also an indication your data came from Börje Westö's GedCom.

According to what Mary told me, Anders took the name Nyström when he married Anna Sofia Henriksdotter from Kovjoki. She said his parents were Matts Johansson and Magdalena Andersdotter (same as above). She also remembers the names Lybäck and Kivijärvi (see above). What do you think?

26-05-09, 07:37

Seems to be the same family.

I have all the microfilm rolls of Kronoby but at the moment I have no chance of looking at them at home. However the Westö's "Cronoby" data shows Anders Mattsson and the connection to the Kronoby families. The memories of the name "Kivijärvi" etc. points in this direction.


June Pelo
26-05-09, 18:53
I hope Karin and Mary see Hasse's comments and follow up. I did some research for Karin on the Holmlund line.

26-05-09, 21:29
Thanks to you all. Yes, this is the right Nystrom family. I think that Karin has a lot of this information, all of which was new to me until being able to connect with her on this forum. I've also been able to confirm some of it in Hiski. However, the Hiski records for Kovjoki end several years before Anna Sofia was born in 1861. Is there any way to find out what her parents' names were? I believe that she is connected with the name Lucus.


June Pelo
26-05-09, 22:57

I don't recall seeing any info. about Anna Sofia. Perhaps if you post something about her name, birthdate, etc. someone may have some data or info.